Imran Aqil and Aiman Sidek collaborate on "Bunga Dahlia"

27 Sep - Imran Aqil has recently launched a song called "Bunga Dahlia" as a gift to his newlywedded wife, Dahlia Rizal.

Produced by 4U Entertainment, the song is another collaborative effort between Imran and Aiman Sidek, after the former starred in the latter's music video, "Cinta Sejati".

"The song is what I feel about Dahlia Rizal who was my bride-to-be at the time. Now that we are married, every word of the song became more meaningful to me and Dahlia. I hope everybody can pray for our happiness forever," he said.

Meanwhile, Aiman, who also co-wrote the song with Imran, stated that the song is about a lover who expresses all his feelings and thoughts to his beloved, whom he likened to a flower that will forever bloom in his heart.

Imran tied the knot with the model on 9 September after more than a year of engagement.

The couple tied the knot earlier this month
The couple tied the knot earlier this month

(Photo Source: Imran Aqil IG)