HUE x MAMA instant noodles popup features 7 limited-time dishes & themed decor

Instant noodles make for a comforting meal without too much investment. But occasionally, we feel the need to spice things up with an egg or two. From 12 Dec, the HUE x MAMA pop-up will be transforming instant noodles into full-fledged dishes that are sure to delight the taste buds of every instant noodle lover.

HUE X MAMA pop-up - Doorway
Credit – HUE x MAMA

The pop-up event will last from 12 Dec 2023 to 14 Jan 2024, taking place at HUE restaurant in the Jalan Besar area.

Throughout the 33-day event, the restaurant will be awash with MAMA-themed decorations, with a life-sized MAMA noodles cup as the centrepiece. Patrons will also get to purchase exciting merchandise like noodle plushie dolls, T-shirts, keychains, and more.

HUE x MAMA pop-up - Dish collage
Credit – HUE x MAMA

7 limited time dishes will be on the menu as part of the pop-up. Expect the MAMA Tom Yum to deliver on its trademark sour-spicy combo with MAMA instant noodles to soak up the delicious soup.

Their MAMA Crispy Pork Basil uses pork belly instead for a more indulgent recipe, while the MAMA Dried Suki puts another spin on the already Japanese-influenced Suki dish using, you guessed it, MAMA instant noodles as well. 

HUE x MAMA pop-up - 7 dishes
Credit – HUE x MAMA

Mama Beef, MAMA Soft-shell Prawn Truffle, MAMA Lup Cheong and MAMA Meatball Larb make up the rest of the limited time menu.

Given that ‘hue’ is a transliteration of the Thai word for hungry (หิว), there’s perhaps no better place to enjoy a zhng-ed up dish prepared with the ever-popular MAMA noodles.

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