Huang Xiaoming wins Best Actor at Golden Goblet Awards

25 Jun – Huang Xiaoming has won Best Actor at the Golden Goblet Awards for the Shanghai International Film Festival's main competition.

The actor bested other contenders to win the accolade for his performance in "Mostly Sunny" (also known as "Don't Worry, Be Happy") as a man in his 40s whose IQ and cognitive level remains a child.

Huang plays a middle-aged man with a cognitive ability of a child in the movie
Huang plays a middle-aged man with a cognitive ability of a child in the movie

Thanking his parents and son in his speech, Huang also wished his 95-year-old grandmother a happy birthday, which coincided with the event.

"I feel that my life has experienced many ups and downs, stumbles and falls, helplessness, disappointment, sadness and hesitation. I am also afraid of many things... But today I stand in this place, I have crossed this mountain, and I feel that I have met my 18-year-old self, the self who has original intention, optimism, and fearlessness to move forward. So today I have strengthened my original intention, and I am determined to remain in this path of making movies forever, firmly and bravely," he expressed.

It is noted that Huang gained 15kg to play the role in the movie. When asked about it previously, he said that he is blessed with the ability to gain and lose weight easily.

"But I don't want everyone to learn from me, because I have been feeling a little exhausted recently," he said, adding that he had to lose his weight fast for his next movie.

(Photo Source: Huang Xiaoming Weibo, Guancha)