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How to Wild Rift: Controls

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The "How to" series is aimed at players who enjoy competitive gaming and are looking to improve their experience, whether through gameplay tips or advice. The information is provided at the time of publishing, and does not account for changes to the game or meta over a longer period of time.

So you want to know how to improve in League of Legends: Wild Rift and start making those highlight reel and montage plays as soon as possible. 

What if I told you that there's something you can do to help you improve your gameplay in just five minutes? This OP strategy is as simple as adjusting your control and button layout settings in-game.

What controls do I change, and how can they magically help you start getting better in-game? 

First of all, you can locate the settings menu at the top right of your home screen, where the first most important setting is under the Graphics tab — your frame rate. Having high FPS is an undeniable advantage over your opponents, and whilst it will kill your phone, you'll be killing their teammates at the same time too. (Just put the highest FPS setting possible).

But whilst having high FPS is essential, the controls segment is where you want to be paying attention to. If you don't want to read over every single setting in this segment yourself, here's an overall guide to help you with what are the most important settings that you should on/off:


  • Portrait lock - A necessary feature in Wild Rift and should be on, either Priority or Fixed display.

  • Target Priority - Low health (absolute) so you don't accidentally use your spells on low HP tanks in team fights.

  • Force Attack Follow - This setting will mess up your movement a lot of the time so keep it off.

  • Dash in move direction - Super important for certain champions like Rakan/Lee Sin where turning off the setting will allow your dash to go right in front of the enemy, rather than the max distance.

Action buttons:

  • Move stick type - It's up to preference but I prefer having it locked so I know where is the centre of my joystick at all times.

  • Locked button centers - Off so you have an easier time aiming skill shots.

  • Action cancel method - Default, easiest and most simple way to cancel spells.


  • Aim panning - On, gives you more vision when aiming.

  • Ability mini-cam - On, gives you more vision of where you threw a long-ranged spell.

  • Semi-locked camera - On if you find yourself needing to adjust your screen a lot due to weird camera angles.

  • Camera Pan sensitivity - Put as high as you are comfortable with


  • Minimap auto pathing - Off, you should use the map to be scouting instead and this setting will make it difficult.

  • Level-up suggestions/auto level-up - Off if you know what you're doing

  • Warding aim-assist - On, always useful.

Other than these controls, by far the most impactful setting to change would be your button layout. 

Most players will play Wild Rift with only two thumbs, and the default button layout might make it more difficult for your right thumb to access some abilities as fast as possible. This reduces your reaction time, and also your ability to do some spell combos like Ahri's Charm + flash.

Here are examples of professional players' button layouts and the reasoning behind these button placements.

SEM9 Arrhedge's Wild Rift layout (Screenshot: Riot Games)
SEM9 Arrhedge's Wild Rift layout (Screenshot: Riot Games)

The above example is from SEM9's Arrhedge. When asked why he used such a layout, Arrhedge said, "So I can use skill and flash easier, I feel the flash was too far before this on the default layout to use the ult + flash combo."

Alliance's SSK button layout (Screenshot: Riot Games)
Alliance's SSK button layout (Screenshot: Riot Games)

This next layout is from Alliance's SSK. He says, "My skills are closer to my thumb so I won't have to stretch all the way to the left to use them (Summoner spells and active item). Since I'm a Jungler, I also need my smite to be near my skills (so it's easier to combo them). Basically everything as near as possible so it's easy for my thumb to use. 

"I also have the semi-locked camera on the top right so my index finger can move it when I want to. Like in dragon fights, when the screen is only shows me the top part of the river, I'll use it to adjust and show me the ideal angle."

Hopefully, these settings and layouts help you to get a better gameplay experience in Wild Rift, and also a competitive edge. Good luck!

Glaceox is a Singaporean Wild Rift coach with five years of coaching experience spanning across League of Legends PC as well. He also streams and makes community guides for Wild Rift.

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