Nip Zits In The Bud

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Just because you’re no longer a teenager doesn’t mean you’re spared from breakouts. “Acne usually starts at puberty, between 10-17 years old in females, and 14-19 years old in males. However, it may only initially surface at 25 years old for some adults,” says Mylene F. Tatco, MD, Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians, Inc.

Before spending money on over-the-counter drugs, costly acne-reducing products, or makeup concealers, prevent acne flare ups with these anti-pimple pointers:

1. Quit Picking!

Some of us absentmindedly brush our fingers against our skin while we’re listening to someone talk, reading a book, or surfing the net. While the old belief was that touching your skin with bacteria-laden hands was sure to cause a zit attack, experts say one singular act won’t trigger pimples. It’s the repeated picking action of a tiny bump that inflames the area and causes the zit, not the occasional brushing of hands against the skin.

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2. Eat Wisely.

Research shows that sugary junk food, white bread, and other high-glycemic index foods worsen acne conditions. If you are a big fan of such, switch to low-glycemic index food sources such as wheat pasta, wheat bread, and legumes, to name a few. Another recent study also showed that there may be a correlation between acne occurrence and milk or dairy product intake, so it’s worth lowering your dairy intake and observing if the acne subsides.

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3. Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On.

Some women complain that they break out when they wear makeup, when in truth it’s not the makeup that causes pimples, it’s the fact that they don’t remove the makeup. The result of such negligence is the clogging of pores, which gives the skin’s oil no where to go! What goes on your skin must come off, so make sure to cleanse your skin properly. If you’ve got oily skin, using a toner can help pick up excess sebum that your facial wash missed.

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4. Calm Down.
When we’re stressed, our skin’s ability to fight infection or inflammation decreases, which is probably why our break outs come after pulling an all-nighter at work, or worrying incessantly over this and that. Plus, when we’re stressed, we don’t have time to primp up or make ourselves feel good. So relax, breathe, get some rest—your skin will thank you for it!

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5. Pay Attention To Your Products.

If you know you’re sensitive to break outs, make sure to use cosmetics that are aligned with your skin type. Heavy-scented creams and perfume, strong shampoo and conditioner—these can cause irritation or oil build up. Before you buy hair products, facial cosmetics, or perfume, test it on your skin and see if any flare ups arise before making the commitment.

Curbing the occurrence of pimples is possible, but Tatco, who practices in the Skin Emergency Aesthetics Clinic in Pasig City clarifies that some people are simply more prone to breakouts, depending on their genetic predisposition, hormone levels, stress levels, medication intake, and the like.