Disgusting! Seafood restaurant 'serves' crabs in a chamber pot

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SINGAPORE – A famous seafood dining place, House of Seafood, is facing heat for its unsavoury decision to place their black pepper crabs in a chamber pot.

This comes approximately two weeks ago when the e-commerce platform Amazon went viral for a listing selling a chamber pot as a “1960s Chinese traditional fruit basket” on its website. The “fruit basket” was said to represent “traditional Chinese culture and symbolise the happiness of life”. The listing was quickly slammed on the Internet for being offensive, listing a potty as a food basket.

On 4 March, influencer Victoriainstadiary shared a series of photos captioning “the ‘heavy-taste person’ with her’ heavy taste’ of food choice ~ Crab in the Chamber Pot”. She was pictured with black pepper crabs served at House of Seafood in a chamber pot, imitating the Amazon listing.

The restaurant shared Victoria’s post, adding that it is their “latest DAMN CREATIVE crab dish” and that it “will be the most “Instagram-worthy” on your Instagram feed”.

Chamber pot. (PHOTO: Amazon)
Chamber pot. (PHOTO: Amazon)

The photos were met with backlash both on the influencer’s and the restaurant’s Facebook page, with many saying that it is distasteful and had made them lose appetite. About 10 hours following the backlash, both had posted a follow-up disclaimer that said: “All images are for advertising purposes only”.

This, however, did not stop House of Seafood from posting another photo series a few hours later, showing the restaurant’s boss posing with their crabs in a chamber pot.

They had included the Amazon listing that went viral but continued to receive backlash from the public, commenting that “this marketing strategy is disgusting and disrespectful”.