Your Horoscope for Pride Month Is Right Here

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Welcome to Pride month! The best time of the year is here again, when we celebrate and commemorate the fight for queer liberation in the United States. During Pride month, we honor the way that our queer elders and ancestors fought for our rights, beginning with the brick thrown at Stonewall back in June 1969. We also recognize the work that is still left to do not just for queer rights, but for the rights of all oppressed people.

When queer people don their gay apparel, when a drag queen puts on their wigs and their heels, and when you or your queer bestie put on their binder or their glitter, we are showing the world that queer joy exists—and that is revolutionary. Pride month is both fun and poignant, so let's celebrate and remember all of the people who made sure we could!

In astrology, this Pride month, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all gathering together in Gemini, encouraging us to have some fun, to flirt with ideas known and unknown, and to connect with as many people as we can. The New Moon in Gemini at the start of the month sets the stage for us to build deeper relationships and to recognize which people might need to be put on hold or cut off altogether. Then, the Full Moon in Capricorn at the end of the month helps us reflect on all of the ways we’ve grown throughout the month and what goals we still wish to accomplish this year. This Pride month, the Sun is a disco ball encouraging us to find our own rhythm, and whether we need to sit a song out or find a new partner, the stars will help us find our way.

Read your Pride month horoscope:


The stars are pushing you to be yourself, whether you're out, proud, and ready to be the reigning monarch of the Pride float, or you’re still struggling to share your truth but know that it burns inside like a gorgeous candle. With Mars in your sign at the start of the month, you are ready to hit the ground running. Put on your favorite outfit and let your inner light shine without fear of anyone dimming it. With the planet of action and power giving you super strength, you’ll conquer any self-doubt. You deserve the heat, passion, and strength that comes from knowing that you were born perfect, just the way you are.


The month kicks off with a feeling of security. You finally feel like you have everything you need, which might be making you feel hungry for even more. When Mars moves into your sign on June 9, you’re going to itch for action; you'll want to burn anything that’s getting in the way of you and success. Hold your horses for a minute and let your intuition speak to you a little bit. The best way for you to figure things out right now is to talk it out, so invite a confidante for a walk and talk so they can help you hash out what exactly your inner voice is trying to tell you. Shake off anything that isn’t helping you be your best self and recognize that you are well on your way to the success your queer heart has been dreaming of!


Is it a coincidence that the most fun sign of the zodiac shares a birthday month with Pride? I think not! Let those sequins sparkle brightly in the Sun as it dances in your sign, giving you an extra boost of joie de vivre and a queer magnetism that can’t be denied. With Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury all spending time in your sign, your flirting and connecting skills are all getting a mega boost—looks like it’s time to make the move on that cutie you’ve been eying! Invite them over for your own private Pride celebration and let the sparks fly. Make sure to hydrate and practice self-care throughout the month, too, so you don't run yourself into the ground. There’s plenty of you to go around, and by taking care of yourself, you’re ensuring that your Pride flag will fly every day.


Pride month sets the stage for the entire year for you, Cancer. This year, you’re being invited to bedazzle your shell and go inwards for a bit. With so many planets taking residence in your 12th House, take some time to reflect on what has been serving you this year, and what you. might need to let go so you can truly be your best self. As queer people, we can sometimes cling to things that are hurting us in an attempt to please others, but use this Pride month to overcome this habit. You need to prune your roses so they can grow even more beautifully. Once you feel like you’ve done enough hunkering down, throw open the gates and have the best party ever! And when the Sun moves into your sign on June 20, get to grooving. You’ve earned it!


You're always one to seek out a spotlight, so use this Pride month to help shine a light on the people and communities around you that can best help serve! You're a natural leader, and this month's astrology is asking you to take charge. Help others find their light, lift the voices of the unheard, and bring a dazzling sensibility to issues that have languished in the dark. With Jupiter in Gemini, your thoughts and words are supercharged and ready to take action. Don’t worry, this month isn’t all work and no play. It's also a great time to give yourself a much-desired transformation, whether it be with the bangs you’ve been putting on or trying a fun new nail polish. Pride is about loving yourself, and you should give yourself even more reasons to do so!


This is not a time for anything routine or ordinary, dear Virgo. While it might be a teensy bit uncomfortable, give into the urge to shake up the status quo. The month kicks off with a bang as the New Moon in Gemini on June 6 pushes you to consider where you’ve been bored and where you want adventure. Let your desires break free and remember that pleasure is a right; don’t deny yourself queer joy this Pride! As the rest of the month plays out, allow yourself to explore new career options and the way you want to be perceived. Is your current job making you feel more sad than proud? It might be time to find your true calling!


Our queer ancestors paved the way so we could even have a Pride month, and this year you are being called to honor them! Take a walk down the yellow brick road to the past. Take some time studying up on what queer icons have done for us and how they continue to fight to ensure that we have the rights that we deserve. Once your heart and your mind have been filled with love and respect for where we’ve been, it’s time to figure out where we’re going! Start planning for the future: With so many planets dancing around in Gemini, you’ll have extra energy to get your thoughts down in writing. Think long and hard about the ways you want to experience queer joy the rest of this year and beyond, and then make a solid plan to make it happen. Our ancestors are rooting for you!


There’s nothing quite as hot as a Scorpio under the disco lights, and this Pride month you’re going to positively sizzle! The planets and the stars are encouraging you to delve deep into your interpersonal relationships so you can find new ways to make intimacy and sensuality a part of the way you interact with those around you. The New Moon on June 6 reminds you that there’s always a delicate balance in relationships, and pushes you to examine how you make connections both by being vulnerable and by allowing others to be vulnerable to you. Later in the month, there may be some unexpected surprises; maybe there will be extra champagne in the mimosas at drag brunch, or maybe a friend will spill some tea you were definitely not prepared for. By practicing vulnerability when the occasion presents itself, you’ll be ready for whatever sneaks up on you!


Are you hearing wedding bells after seeing your queer crush strut their stuff down the runway of your nearest coffee shop? This Pride month, love is in the air and you are more than willing to shoot your shot. The New Moon will help you see things clearly, so if you’re not sure if it's their sparkling personality or just the way their hips swing in their short shorts, wait until after June 6 to make any moves. Towards the end of the month, as Venus and Mercury move into sensitive Cancer, you’ll find yourself craving deep emotional connections. Invite your besties out to a dinner at your favorite queer safe space and let everyone spill their guts. You all will feel so wonderfully connected that you’ll probably make plans to do it again soon!


One of the most revolutionary things you can do this Pride month is to focus on all of the ways you can take care of yourself, mighty Capricorn. You are known for being disciplined, for having an organizational system for your organizational systems, and for knowing just what everything is and where everything goes. Welcome a little queer magic into your daily routines and see where things can be tightened up, where things can be made more fun or more purposeful, and where your rituals can use a little extra love. The Full Moon on June 21 will be in your sign, shining a light on what boundaries you need to set in order for you to feel your best. Don’t be afraid to say no to your besties if you know that you need some me-time—you'll shine even more brightly once you return!


Supercharged with sensuality and creativity, this Pride month is going to be exciting for you, Aquarius! You are ready to take charge of your life, and the inspirations and creative juices are flowing strongly. Have you been crushing on the cutie who jogs past you every morning? Time to wake up a little early to see how you can accidentally-on-purpose start a conversation at the stop light. Ready to take your cotton candy business to the next level? Start reaching out to the Pride market event organizers and see if they can put you in a prime location. Once you’ve had your fun this month, the planets will take you on a journey home. Take some time to rest and to take care of your place, whether that means stocking up on your favorite tea or taking an extra-long bath. This Pride, you matter a whole lot, so take care of yourself!


Pride can be a chaotic and frenetic time, but this year, you are being called to be the calm at the center of the storm and to bring everyone together in your tranquil waters. Whether you host a potluck dinner where everyone can settle in after a long weekend partying, or you hold space and brew a cup of tea for the friend who isn’t sure which of their crushes actually likes them back, allow your friends to know that you are their queer fairy godmother, ready to take care of them. Once the Full Moon in Capricorn comes around on June 21, any imbalance you’ve felt will return to center, and you’ll be ready to do it all again. There might even be a slow-burn romance coming out to play if you play your cards right—that’s the magic of Pride!

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