The Hornt-Up Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Debate Is Missing the Point

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The Hornt-Up Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Debate Is Missing the Point

Every once in a while, the Internet has a debate so random and wonderful, it somehow unites us through its division. In 2015, we had the infamous striped dress debacle. (It’s blue and black, by the way.) Now, there’s another wacky poll to consider: Is young Robert De Niro sexier than young Al Pacino? Or vice versa?

On May 15, writer and columnist Ashley Reese bravely tweeted the query, sparking the debate of the century. “At a wedding and having a big debate rn,” she wrote. “Please vote. Who was hotter.” Over the next 24 hours, the tweet went viral, with commenters placing their bids for the most attractive Hollywood star. After an astonishing 277,372 votes and 38.6 million views, Reese closed the poll... and the results were tied. Thousands of people argued that young Al Pacino was the sexier star. But for every Al Pacino stan, there was a Robert De Niro fan praising his likeness.

After scrolling through a bunch of vintage photographs, I texted my friends for their opinions. One declared that Al Pacino was “SO fine” in The Godfather. Another simply wrote, “AL PACINO” in all-caps. The Internet may be divided, but my focus group was not. Even Reese, who posted the poll, thought Pacino was the obvious choice. Personally, I don't think the debate makes any sense—because they look alike! Dare I say they're the same man in two fonts? The more throwback thirst-traps I see, the more certain I am that we're looking at a set of long-lost brothers, even if they look wildly different in old age. Just take a look at this picture of the men posing next to each other.

Are you really going to tell me I’m wrong? Maybe the reason the world is so divided is because there's no difference. I posed the theory to my friends—and they were quick to point out that I might not be the target demo. (To be fair, I like women, and I’ve never seen The Godfather. But I also have eyes, and they work well!)

Alas, if you were divided on which Hollywood hunk to choose, let me present you with a new option: Both! Either! Neither! It doesn’t matter, because they look the same—which means everyone has good taste. Thankfully, the Internet has agreed to just call it even.

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