The 'Home Alone' House Is Barely Recognizable After Major Renovations—See Inside

a large house with a front entrance
The 'Home Alone' House Is Officially on the MarketDawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty

The holiday season is months away, yet we already find ourselves thinking about Kevin McAllister, his brother Buzz (and his girlfriend...woof), and, naturally, the Wet Bandits—all for good reason. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the property that served as the McAllister residence in Home Alone has officially hit the market for a whopping $5.25 million. Nestled in Winnetka, an Illinois suburb approximately 20 miles north of Chicago, the 9,126-square-foot Georgian-style home has the same brick facade that fans will recognize from the 1990 holiday hit.

However, eagle-eyed cinephiles might notice that the home looks very different from the days when Kevin was left home alone—and rightfully so. The property was last on the market for $1.585 million back in 2012 and underwent a major renovation in 2018. The property, which was brought to market by Coldwell Banker Realty’s Dawn McKenna Group, now features a basketball court, private movie theater, and, yes, lots of security cameras. (We can't help but think that Kevin's time at home would've been a lot more enjoyable if he had these fancy new features.)

But, amenities aside, how does the updated digs compare to what we see in the movie? We tapped our resident Home Alone super-fan to break it down.

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Step inside the Winnetka property and you'll be immediately confronted by a familiar sight: the wooden staircase Kevin sled down during his solo spree! (Rumor has it that this exact staircase was actually featured in the movie!) However, in the new digs, the red runner and wallpaper are traded in for a crisp, neutral foundation.

a large house with a front entrance
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty

Living Room

With the exception of the movie's conclusion—when, spoiler alert, Kevin was finally reunited with his family—we don't see that much of the McAllister's living room. That said, there is warm, inviting fireplace that's practically begging for a Christmas tree sit next to it.

home alone living room
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty


As far as we're concerned, the kitchen is the most prominent room in the McAllister residence: It's where Kevin's plane ticket to Paris was accidentally thrown out, the Little Nero's Pizza deliveryman was spooked by Kevin's hijinks, and, of course, Harry met his fate with a blowtorch. (And who can forget the iconic line, "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi?")

But, unlike what we saw on the big screen, the home's actual kitchen boasts an open-concept layout. Meanwhile, gourmet appliances and a dual islands is worthy of a chef's kiss.

home alone kitchen
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty

Home Office

We know, only a few rooms in the movie were actually filmed in this house. However, we'd love to think that this den is where Kevin first ate junk, watched rubbish, and turned Angels With Filthy Souls into the most epic movie that never existed. Now a home office, this bonus space has certainly upped its value with built-in shelves and French doors leading to the backyard. Keep the change, you filthy animal!

home alone den
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty


We knew that Kevin had a treehouse, but did you know that the McAllister residence has a sunroom, too? From the sun-drenched windows to the brick-laden fireplace, this holiday home can definitely be enjoyed year-round.

home alone sun room
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty


We'd (accidentally) sleep in too if we had this serene bedroom. While this space has similar features to the McAllister parents's bedroom—most notably, the fireplace—outdated wallpaper, heavy drapes, and a four-post bed are traded in for a lighter, airier setup.

home alone bedroom
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty


The bathroom is equally serene, thanks to crisp white walls, contemporary sconces, and floors covered in small penny tiles. Still, we'd definitely let out a cheek-clenching scream if we came in contact with some harsh aftershave here.

home alone bathroom
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty

Movie Theater

The McAllister residence is notoriously packed with mystery— Tarantulas! Paint cans! Heaps of feathers!—but we had no idea a private movie theater was tucked inside. Fittingly, this viewing room features a Home Alone movie poster and a life-sized Lego statue of Kevin.

home alone movie theater
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty

Basketball Court

Turns out, Kevin didn't have to turn his home into a massive booby trap to spook the Wet Bandits: He could've easily challenged Harry and Marv to a game of basketball. We think we all know who would've won...

home alone basketball
Dawn McKenna Group, Coldwell Banker Realty

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