HK actor-stunt coordinator Chui Chung San passed away

4 Nov – Hong Kong actor and stunt coordinator Chui Chung San has recently passed away.

The news was shared by Tin Kai Man of the Hong Kong Film Workers Association, saying that the actor passed away at home on 2 November.

Said Tin, Chui was feeling unwell that day and that his children found him sitting quietly for a long time, only to find out that he was unresponsive.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, Chui was pronounced dead around 1.30 in the afternoon. The death came so sudden that even the family did not know the cause.

On the other hand, Chin Ka Lok, who had worked with Chui many times before, stated that he was saddened by the loss, since it was just last week that they had tea to discuss about the Stuntmen Association, of which Chui was the vice president.

Trained in martial arts since childhood, Chui began his showbiz work as a stunt coordinator for TVB in the 1970s, and had played various characters in dramas and movies, including Wong Fei Hung's nemesis Lui Yat Siu in "The Last Hero in China".

He was 70.

Chui in 'The Last Hero in China' (1993)
Chui in 'The Last Hero in China' (1993)

(Photo Source: Mingpao, HK Cinemagic)