Here's Who Really Pays for the Renovations on 'Fixer to Fabulous'

dave and jenny marrs on fixer to fabulous
Who Pays for the Renovations on Fixer to Fabulous?Courtesy of HGTV

Dave and Jenny Marrs have the magic touch when it comes to home renovations, and, thanks to their series Fixer to Fabulous, they share their talents with fans on HGTV. If you've ever dreamed of having Dave and Jenny renovate your home, you've likely wondered who pays for the renovations on Fixer to Fabulous.

According to the show's official casting application, there are several rules to follow. The house must be within 30 miles of Bentonville, Arkansas, and not in Fayetteville due to permit restrictions. The application states that a renovation fund of at least $120,000 is required, and the applicants have to prove how it will be financed (cash, a loan, etc.). Also, they have to be willing to move out of their homes for the seven- to nine-week renovation period, which is an added expense.

dave and jenny marrs renovating a house
Courtesy of HGTV

The same goes for the furniture. Jenny uses existing pieces when possible, but she supplements her design with additional products. Jenny told PureWow, "If there’s a piece of their furniture that we can use, we do. But otherwise, I work with a local firm and pretty much figure out what I would do for the client. And then the homeowners have the option to buy it at a discounted rate."

These policies are commonplace for HGTV home renovation shows. According to the network, "Homeowners have to come up with the money for the projects. While HGTV doesn’t front the bill...the network does, at times, contribute construction funds to help enhance and speed up projects for television."

The benefit of being on the show is working with skilled builders and designers like Dave and Jenny. While the Marrs family is based in Arkansas, they recently took their talents overseas for Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano. See inside the stunning Italian villa below.

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