Here's how you can keep your shoes clean for long

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03 Oct 2021: Here's how you can keep your shoes clean for long

Shoes add a distinct look to your overall get-up. We use them for different purposes like for a morning walk, to go to the office, or for a special occasion. Different situations call for specific types of shoes. Shoes are made of different materials like leather, fabric, rubber, foam, and synthetics, among others. And, maintenance of each type differs from one another. Here's more.

Storage: Most essential: Storing your shoes in the right place

Do you keep your shoes in the proper place? Many of us do not follow this essential practice, but storing shoes in a dark and cool place ensures that they remain clean. Before stacking them up, remove dirt and dust from the shoes. If possible, create a separate space in your shoe cabin where you can also keep the polishes, brushes, cloths, and sprays.

Cleaning: Clean your shoes using these simple hacks

We all like a bright and dust-free pair of sneakers. To ensure this, prepare a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Apply this using an old brush and rub gently all over the shoes. Nail polish remover also clears marks from the bottom area of the shoes. Oat flour is an effective grease remover, too.

Remedies: These home remedies ensure that your shoes retain shine

Did you know that your hair conditioner can also protect your shoes? Yes, besides polishing and moisturizing your shoes, it also forms a protective layer on them. Leather shoes easily catch stain marks and they can be removed using isopropyl alcohol solution and a soft cloth or cotton gauze. Stale bread also works wonderfully on suede shoes and you can remove stains and dust.

Tips: Get rid of bad smell from your shoes and legs

Sweat from your legs or shoes that are stored for a long time without use would emit a bad odor. You can place unused tea bags in the shoes to avoid this smell. And, you can put a soap bar inside your shoes. It absorbs the foul odor and spreads its essence to the shoes. You can also use hairspray to prevent slippery movements.

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