Henry Cavill teases Superman and Green Lantern crossover

[Image by Warner Bros]

Henry Cavill has taken to Instagram to not just show that he’s back in training as Superman, but to also tease his appearance in ‘Green Lantern Corps’.

The English actor has slowly been recovering from knee surgery. That hasn’t stopped his gym sessions, though, and while waxing lyrical about just how fine and dandy he feels because of his work-outs, Cavill was in such a gushing mood that he seemingly decided to reveal he’ll be big going up against Green Lantern in the near future.

A quick scan of the confirmed upcoming films in the DC Extended Universe suggests that the most likely place Superman will meet Hal Jordan is in ‘Green Lantern Corps’, which is due out in 2020.

However, since we still don’t even know who is portraying Hal Jordan and the entire world thinks Superman is dead after ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’, there’s a lot that needs to be sorted out before that seems like a reality. Plus, since the ‘Batman v Superman’ hybrid failed to provide a solid footing for the DCEU, it’s hard to imagine that Warner Bros would be willing to cross Superman over again into another origin story for one of their superheroes.

[Image by Warner Bros]

What’s more likely is that one of the films that the DC Extended Universe are yet to confirm will see the duo pair up. This could be one of the ‘Justice League’, ‘Suicide Squad’, or ‘Man Of Steel’ sequels.

Either way, things should become much clearer once ‘Justice League’ is finally released on November 17, while there’s a whole lot that could change between now and ‘Green Lantern Corps’s’ July 24, 2020, release date that might alter these plans, too.