And the Hellboy reboot will be called…

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Hellboy reboot

Following news that Milla Jovovich is set to play Nimue the Blood Queen in the Hellboy reboot comes a clarification on the title of the movie.

Contrary to earlier reports, MovieWeb says that a Lionsgate rep sent them a brief statement clarifying that the reboot will not be titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen

“The official title is just Hellboy. The film is considered a reboot of the 2004 Hellboy, and is going by the same name.”

So that’s that. But it’s not quite certain if The Blood Queen is the same character in the comics called the Queen of Blood a.k.a. Nimue, who was brought to life to bring Hellboy to his nemesis Gruagach.

We also know that Ian McShane has been cast as Hellboy’s mentor Professor Bruttenholm and that the movie will be R-rated, with writer Andrew Crosby teasing that this story is a much darker and gruesome version of Hellboy.

What are you hoping to see in the Hellboy reboot? Tell us your thoughts!

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