Heidi Klum Is Quietly Earning Hundreds of Millions Hosting Multiple TV Shows

Heidi Klum Is Quietly Earning Hundreds of Millions Hosting Multiple TV Shows

Heidi Klum is so rich that her legs are insured for more than all our net worths combined, but I guess that's what happens when your résumé includes:

  1. Being a professional supermodel

  2. Being of of the most famous Victoria's Secret Angels

  3. Hosting Project Runway followed by Making the Cut

  4. Judging America's Got Talent

  5. Designing a successful clothing line

Like, her checks are basically cashing themselves at this point. And as a result, Heidi's net worth is genuinely massive—but want to get into specifics? Incoming, just prepare to gasp.

First Up, Yes: Heidi's Legs Are Insured

In fact, one is insured for more than the other. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the 8th annual victoria's secret fashion show runway
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But before you start thinking Heidi took out a policy on her own legs, apparently it was a client's doing. She clarified this to Ellen DeGeneres, saying, "I didn't insure them, by the way. It was a client that insured them, it wasn't me. And one was actually more expensive than the other because when I was young, I fell into a glass and I have, like, a big scar. Obviously, I put so much spray tan on right now you can't see it right now, but yeah, so one was more expensive than the other one. It's weird the things that some people do."

So how much are Heidi's legs insured for? Back in 2017, she told People that one is insured for $1.2 million and the other is insured for $1 million. I scream.

Her America's Got Talent Salary Is Massive

Heidi is a judge on America's Got Talent and has been for years. She judged the show from seasons 8-13, took a break in season 14, and then returned in season 15 and has been going strong since.

According to Hello! Magazine, Heidi earns $3 million per season, so she's made...*does quick math on fingers*....$30 million from this show alone.

Here's What She Made for Project Runway

project runway runway spring 2016 new york fashion week the shows
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According to Forbes, Heidi earned "maybe $1.3 million a year as host and $350,000 as executive producer." Got it, got it, got it. Just keep in mind that she hosted Project Runway from 2004 to 2017, so if that was her salary the entire time, she earned over $18 million from the show.

Don't Forget About Germany's Next Top Model

Heidi earns an absolute fortune for this show. In fact, in 2008 Forbes reported that Heidi was making $2.5 million a year hosting, *and* noted she got a cut of any deal her winners made. The show has been on for 18 seasons, meaning Heidi has pocketed $45 million (pre tax!).

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And Then There's Victoria's Secret

Heidi is very well known for being a former Victoria's Secret Angel, and shse renegotiated her contract with them in 2008 to the tune of $3.8 million a year.

the 9th annual victoria's secret fashion show arrivals and runway
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One of Her Biggest Money-Making Years Was 2020

'Kay, so back in 2017, Heidi made $21 million—so much money that Forbes wrote an entire article about her wealth. At the time, the outlet noted that (aside from her modeling and TV gigs) Heidi built herself a successful retail empire; with a line of lingerie, shapewear, and swimwear, as well as perfumes and brand deals with the likes of McDonald's and H&M.

But that $21 million pales in comparison to 2020, when Forbes reported Heidi made $39.5 million thanks to America's Got Talent, Germany's Next Top Model, Making the Cut, and Queen of Drags Germany (her exact salary for these last two is unknown). Forbes also noted that Heidi Klum Intimates is killing, as is her clothing line at Lidl.

So What Is Heidi Klum's Total Net Worth?

Heidi Klum has a truly eye-popping net worth of $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Though honestly considering how many cash streams she's juggling, this makes sense. And psst: this includes the her Bel-Air mansion worth $9.8 million and her $5.1 million penthouse in New York City!

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