Heart Evangelista admits miscarriage was traumatising

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

12 Nov – Heart Evangelista recently admitted that her previous miscarriage was one of the most traumatising events of her life.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress and First Lady of Sorsogon shared as much in the comments section of her Instagram post, following a comment made by a netizen who scolded another for telling Evangelista that she needed to have a baby.

"I carried my twins [for] months after because my doctor wanted me to naturally go through the process. It was the most horrible feeling thinking maybe God can bring them back to me... or me thinking I am not a good person for this to happen," Evangelista said.

The actress, who was pregnant with twins in 2018, but lost both of them to a miscarriage, stated that she had already prepared a stroller, a baby room, and a name before she lost both of her babies.

"Now me trying after a year or so is my choice, but me not having a baby as of the moment is God's choice and I wouldn't want to question that," she added.

Evangelista also reprimanded the netizen for posting such a hurtful comment.

"To even ask or shove it down my throat is unthinkable or doesn't say much about you as a woman. Is it because people like to hurt others nowadays just to make their lives seem better? Baby or not, I am very happy with my life," she added.

(Photo Source: Heart Evangelista Instagram)