#HealthBytes: Some hacks that help to quickly reduce water retention

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#HealthBytes: Some hacks that help to quickly reduce water retention
#HealthBytes: Some hacks that help to quickly reduce water retention

22 Aug 2021: #HealthBytes: Some hacks that help to quickly reduce water retention

Water retention or edema is a common condition where our body retains fluid, causing bloating or uneasiness. Water retention is often not a cause of worry and is also common in pregnant women. However, if you experience prolonged edema, you may want to consult a doctor. For others, this article outlines a few hacks that will help to quickly reduce water retention.

Sodium intake: Reduced sodium intake flushes away excess fluid

The sodium-water ratio of the body needs to be balanced at all times and hence, the more sodium or salt we consume, the more water is retained by our body. To avoid this, it is best to limit the intake of salt and restrict cold meats, bread, salty snacks, instant food mixes, etc. that have a lot of sodium in them.

Fluid intake: Keep yourself hydrated, ensure proper functioning of kidneys

Contrary to popular belief, it is important to drink lots of water when you are looking to reduce fluid retention. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys, which in turn will flush out excess water and sodium from the body. To meet your hydration levels in check, it is best to drink water and not rely on sugary drinks.

Carbs: Replace high carb foods with high-protein items

Carbohydrates also cause water retention in the body. This is because unused carbs are stored as glycogen that attracts water molecules. Cutting down on carbs ensures the glycogen, which is stored in muscles and liver, gets used up, and hence reducing water retention as well. For quick results, replace high-carb foods like rice and pasta with high-protein foods like eggs and lean meat.

Potassium intake: Consuming foods rich in potassium helps in balancing sodium levels

Consuming foods rich in potassium can help in balancing sodium levels and hence drain excess water through increased urine output. Green leafy vegetables, bananas, avocados, and yogurt are a few foods that are rich in potassium. You may also wish to increase the intake of magnesium-rich foods such as dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, whole grains, spinach, fortified breakfast cereals, etc.

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