#HealthBytes: What are the amazing health benefits of jogging?

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#HealthBytes: What are the amazing health benefits of jogging?
#HealthBytes: What are the amazing health benefits of jogging?

08 Aug 2021: #HealthBytes: What are the amazing health benefits of jogging?

Jogging is a mild but effective form of workout that is less taxing on the body compared to running. The idea is to run at a pace less than 10 kilometers per hour. It is a great aerobic exercise for those who want to improve their health and is good for your cardiorespiratory health. But jogging has other benefits as well.

Healthy bones: Is a great way for better bone health

Jogging puts a certain amount of stress and load on the bones and over time, it attunes the body to endure this additional stress. It also strengthens the bones and prevents bone injuries. Regular jogging is also known to improve bone thickness and keep bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at bay. Furthermore, it is a great exercise for hip bones and the spine.

Spine: Helps in keeping the spine flexible

In between the bony vertebrae in your back, there are small, flexible discs that are filled with fluid and act like protective pads. But as we age, these discs can shrink and wear out due to a number of reasons. However, studies suggest regular joggers who run at a pace of two meters per second have healthier and more flexible discs.

Stress: Evades negative impact of stress, clears mind of irrelevant thoughts

Jogging evades the negative impact of stress in a few ways. Studies observe exercises like jogging could improve brain functioning and protect the brain from age-related issues. In addition, when you jog, the body releases endorphins, the happy hormones that help elevate your mood. It also clears the mind of irrelevant thoughts and helps with an overall feeling of positiveness.

Immunity: Gives your immunity a boost and prevents infections

Research suggests that moderate exercises like jogging improve your body's response to illness. This is true in the case of both short-term illnesses like flu, common cold, upper respiratory tract infections, and long-term illnesses like diabetes. The reason behind this is that when we jog, the body stimulates the production of lymphocytes and macrophages that combat infection in the body.

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