What happens at the end of Netflix's The Mother?

the mother ending explained
The Mother ending explainedNetflix

The Mother just dropped on Netflix and it’s set to be your next go-to action film with a good helping of nail-biting thrills, tonnes of tension and a generous amount of of J-Lo thrown in.

The movie follows titular character The Mother, played by Jennifer Lopez, a skilled assassin who comes out of hiding to save the daughter she had to give away years prior. With enough action to send you dizzy, here’s the ending of The Mother explained. Thank us later!

The Mother ending explained

The Mother fights off multiple baddies who are after her daughter, Zoe, including her ex-boyfriend Adrian (despite thinking she killed him years before).

When The Mother's friend, Cruise, and Zoe are in a car, he ambushes them and kills Cruise. After managing to save Zoe, The Mother decides her and her daughter must go into hiding in her cabin in Alaska.

There, she teaches Zoe self-defence in case Adrian turns up, which he does, after the mother and daughter visit a hospital and he tracks them down. Zoe goes to stay with The Mother's old friend, Jons, to protect her while The Mother fights Adrian, but Zoe goes back to the cabin to help her mum.

the mother ending explained

Here, Zoe uses a sniper gun to try and kill Adrian, but he and The Mother fall to the ground and when she goes to check on her mum, Adrian tries to capture her. But, The Mother wakes up, shoots and kills Adrian.

With all the baddies gone, Zoe and The Mother hug and she goes back to her adoptive family with The Mother remaining a part of her daughter’s life.

the mother ending explained

The Mother is available to watch on Netflix now.

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