Hannah Quinlivan shares how she met husband Jay Chou

13 Nov– Hannah Quinlivan recently shared for the first time how she and husband Jay Chou met on the Stephen Curry show, "Crossing NBA".

As reported on Baidu, the actress, who sat down with the famed basketball player, revealed that she was 17 when she auditioned for Jay's music video and that the singer took a liking to her.

"The first date we did was on a basketball court. I was watching him mostly at the time, but now I play with him a lot," she said.

It is noted that Hannah and Jay were first spotted together in Australia in 2011, which means that she was originally cast to star in Jay's music video for his album, "Wow!"

Hannah, who married Jay at 20, also admitted that she was a bit childish when she first gave birth to her first child at 21, describing herself as "still a kid" herself at the time.

"It was like, 'This is really tiring. Why am I in this room? I just want to go out, my friends are having parties, and I am stuck here. But now she is four years old and I am glad I have her at that time and I've grown up a lot because of the kids," she said, adding that she learned to care for other people aside from herself.

(Photo Source: Hannah Quinlivan Instagram)