Hani Kezi slams fake news about romance with Huang Xiaoming

27 Feb – Following Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's statement, Uyghur starlet Hani Kezi also took to social media to dismiss rumours linking her to the said actor.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress reposted her company's statement regarding the issue, which read, "The company strongly condemns recent rumours about Ms. Hani Kezi's private life. All relevant online platforms and users are requested to immediately delete all false information. The company reserves the right to investigate the issue... and take legal action."

She also posted her own subsequent statement and apologised for taking up space that should be given to news pertaining to COVID-19.

"The law is a weapon to protect yourself. What is white will never turn black. I hope people will stop making up rumours for their own ulterior motives. I will not make any further response," the actress wrote.

Hani also stressed that she will continue to work hard and encourage others to continue to fight the pandemic together.

The Uyghur actress, who is dubbed "Dilraba Dilmurat's biggest rival", is set to appear in two series this year - the mystery drama, "Final Chronicles" and the fantasy series, "Dance of the Sky Empire".

(Photo Source: Hani Kezi Facebook)