Haidilao Hot Pot $1 pork belly promo — Downtown East exclusive

Haidilao Hot Pot is celebrating the first anniversary for their E!Avenue Downtown East outlet! In celebration, they are offering a promotion exclusively at the outlet (dine in only) on their pork belly slices for every second plate purchased.

If you’re anything like me, any and every occasion is huo guo time, and that can make it a lil stressful on your wallet. Fortunately, Haidilao Hot Pot’s promotion will be valid from 1 to 31 May 2023!

Haidilao Hot Pot - Concept Image & DT East Branch promo sample Image

Exclusively at E!Avenue Downtown East: for every Full-Portion Pork Belly Slices (S$18) purchased, diners get another of the same at only S$1.

If you are new to Haidilao Hot Pot, this is a sign to try out their famed huo guo and the many “Haidilao hacks” you may have seen online. With a minimum order of 1 hot pot soup base (out of four) and any number of dishes, you can customise your meal from start to finish.

Haidilao Hot Pot - Hot Pot spread (sample image)

For maximum value without a huge blow to your wallet, order a 4 pot chamber for your soup, and fill two with water and the other two with soup broth. The Pork Stomach and Chicken Soup broth choke-full of pig’s stomach, and the new Mala Milk Broth are great picks.

As for dishes, apart from standard meat and vegetable ingredients, the Half-Portion Signature Mashed Shrimp Wah (S$13.54) is a very popular item. Believe it or not, their Rice Cakes with Cheese (S$5.30) goes great in the huo guo as well. Don’t forget to finish off your meal with the Lao Ban Soya Beancurd or Pulat Hitam (amongst others) for dessert included in the S$4 Condiments Bar. You can also indulge in Century Egg Congee, fruits and a wide variety of other condiments and sauces available for your hot pot.

What are you waiting for? Get your huo guo fix at the Haidilao Hot Pot E!Avenue Downtown East outlet before the promotion ends — I know I can’t wait to get mine.

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