Gwen Stefani's appearance criticised on social media: 'Your doc overdid it'

Gwen Stefani has been called out by fans for appearing to have undergone a cosmetic procedure [Photo: Getty]

Words by Raechal Shewfelt. 

Gwen Stefani’s Instagram posts from Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards, which she attended with boyfriend Blake Shelton, got her fans and critics alike talking — well, more like debating.

The issue was whether Stefani looked like herself or not.

Many of the commenters suggested that Stefani was wearing too much make-up or speculated that she had undergone a procedure of some sort.

They pleaded with her to “chill with the lips” and deemed her “unrecognisable.”

One wrote, “Gwen you are so awesome the way you are. We all notice the lip injections have gone a little too far. Of course you can do what you wish, but those that wish you well, think there is loveliness in a more natural look.”

Another asked the “Rich Girl” singer to please not be mad that she prefers her other looks.

Still, Stefani got a lot of love from fans, too. They called her “gorgeous” and “always on point.”

Stefani herself, as well as her date, seemed pretty happy about their evening, despite the naysayers.

After skipping the red carpet, they spent the night beaming mostly from their seats in the audience. Shelton took the stage to perform at one point, while Stefani cheered him on.

The two narrowly missed an awkward moment when Shelton’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert performed. She reportedly adjusted the lyrics she sings in her song “Little Red Wagon,” from “I live in Oklahoma” to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.”

Of course, Oklahoma is where Lambert lived when she and Shelton were married from 2011 to 2015.

Stefani and Shelton reportedly left their seats before the performance.