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The past couple of years have been exceptionally trying for teachers. They needed to acclimatize to the digital universe since that is the language the new age comprehends and speaks. They needed to place in a great deal of hard work to get used to it and upgrade their online presence. While they put forth this load of attempts, our responsibility is to help and support them in this process.

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Classplus' film is a reminder to commend the pure and selfless connection between a teacher and their disciple. By adhering to the qualities and learnings of their Guru, the students bring the greatest smile of achievement, love, and gratitude on their teacher's face as they share with them their #Gurudakshina in the form of Anand sir's own application for "Gurukul Institute."

For all other students to express their love and gratitude towards their teachers, Classplus is also letting students create a certificate for where they can wish them and tell them that they are the World’s Best Teacher in just 2 minutes.

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The belief of enriching the bond between the teacher and a student is what laid the foundation for Classplus 3 years ago. Today it is one of India's driving Ed-tech organizations. They have been on a mission to empower teachers and facilitators across India by assisting them to build their own online personality through a

White-labeled application for their teaching, furnished with powerful innovations that make them future-ready. The app not only helps teachers go online but also widens their reach and lets them transcend geographical borders.

As a piece of this mission to empower teachers, Classplus made a stride back and caused students to acknowledge teachers' role in their lives. From setting the establishment of learning to fostering love for it. Teachers diligently do a fantastic job of making things simple for their students. Now it's time for the students to do likewise by tending to the most significant challenge before their teachers by paying them #Gurudakshina and offering them the “naya nazariya” that the film talks about.

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