Guan’s Mee Pok, “the best mee pok in town”, opens an outlet in Serangoon

Good things are hard to find. It seems to be the case with Guan’s Mee Pok, which used to have a chain of 10 stalls expanding exponentially. However, after its rapid expansion, many of its stalls started to close. 

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Recent news broke that Guan’s Mee Pok has opened a stall in the North-East area— Serangoon North. They’ve taken over the space of a relatively well-loved fishball noodle stall, Yam Mee Teochew Fishball Mee

We understand that through the years, many outlets have come and gone. From outlet at Jewel Changi Airport, to Capitol, to Westgate, Guan’s Mee Pok has done quite a number of tours around Singapore.

Despite their closures, they come back better than ever. Claiming to be the “best mee pok in town”, they’ve certainly made a statement with their relentless following. 

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Operating since 1995, Chef Guan decided to venture out to make noodles after his late-father passed on. His scrutiny and standards continue to remain, and he insists that a noodle factory follows with his formula and expectations. 

If you’re expecting to find the same noodle texture as typical mee pok stalls, you might be surprised to know that they won’t be here at the Serangoon North outlet. Guan’s Mee Pok has altered the noodles to be served in clay bowls— to keep up with modern times as well as to retain heat better. 

Guan's Mee Pok 3

Apart from that, their offerings are still the same. Guan’s Mee Pok (S$4.50) contains the same ol’ pork meatballs, handmade wanton, and minced pork.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a Classic Mee Pok at a price of S$6.50. Containing half an onsen egg, this feature elevates their traditional mee pok into a more modern version as the molten lava yolk oozes onto the rest of the dish. That’s not all, what sets them apart from the rest would probably be the sauce. 

If you’re not feeling that, you can also opt for zhng-ed version of mee pok: Guan’s Abalone Mee Pok (S$11).

Albeit pricier as compared to most places, this is warranted with the changes made to their noodles, as well as the price hike. 

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