Greg Hsu to star in Chinese remake of "On Our Wedding Day"

28 Feb – It was revealed that "Someday or One Day" actor Greg Hsu is set to star in the Chinese remake of the hit Korean movie, "On Our Wedding Day".

As reported on Cosmopolitan, the actor who has been focusing on his career in Taiwan all this while, will be collaborating with mainland actress Zhang Ruonan for the first time in the new project, which will begin filming for this year's release.

Although it's a long way to go before the movie is finally completed, fans are already excited for Greg and Zhang's first cooperation, having seen the chemistry they've shown on the teaser photo of the said film.

The original 2018 film stars Kim Young-kwang as Hwang Woo-yeon, a man who receives a wedding invitation from his first love (played by Park Bo-young) whom he met in high school.