The Greek Director Recorded the Memory of Xinjiang From an Old Man, the Documentary Well Received at Film Festivals

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The China-Greece co-production documentary Splendid Land, directed by Eleni Vlassi & Jin Huaqing,won the Best International Short Documentary Award and the Audience Award, in the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards and the International Film Festival of Crete, which took place in Crete from 7 till 21 August 2021. This film presents the wonderful land of Xinjiang, China and its ancient customs through an musician pursuing the Mukam music and the spectacular landscape.

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On September 6, the film was shown globally on the online platform of the Venice International Film Festival, attracted a large number of audiences, media reporters and film curators. The enthusiastic and beautiful scene of Xinjiang was unfolding in the homes of all the on-demand film viewers from all over the world. People call the film "an amazing welfare brought by the first online event of the Venice Film Festival."

During the Venice Film Festival, several European film festival curators immediately offered inviatation to Splendid Land after watching it. In the near future, the film will appear in international film festivals such as the 12th Amorgos Tourism Film Festival and the 10th Balkan New Film Festival. Online and onsite screenings are touring in many countries, and European audiences can watch the beautiful Xinjiang behind the mysterious veil on the big screen or even at home.

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“A film that brings down the borders of cultures and introduces to western countries the amazing and so wonderful culture, tradition, customs and history of Xinjiang, China.” said Menos Deliotzakis, President of the Jury of the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards.

Christos Solomos, the Greek actor and famous host said:“ People in this film show to us that we can always get the best way of life in different environments, and this is the result of human wisdom and labor. If travel is again allowed, I hope I can visit Xinjiang with my family and friends! Congratulations to this wonderful film!”

Famous French director Benoit Lelievre said:“ It's a relaxing and lovely film indeed. Director knows how to capture beautiful images, and the scenery and landscapes of the Xinjiang are breathtaking. I didn't expected Kashgar to be that typical and unique either! It broke my previous cognition. Now, I really want to go there to visit!”

And the co-director of Splendid Land, Eleni Vlassi commented:“This film shows a place that is internationally well-known, but the real Xinjiang, in fact, foreigners don’t know much about it. I believe that after viewing this film, you will have a better understanding of this mysterious and vast land, through the crossroads of history with contemporary life. I have been to China before and I was deeply attracted and so decided to shoot documentaries in China. This film is the achievement of my first cooperation with Chinese director Jin Huaqing but surely not the last with a filmmaker from China. ”

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