Grace Wong admits she once fell for a co-star

8 Apr - TVB actress Grace Wong recently admitted that she had once fallen for a co-star while being in a long-distance relationship with her husband and then boyfriend Daniel Chang.

As reported on Skypost, the actress who has been sharing her love story on her YouTube channel since the beginning of the pandemic, shared in her latest video that there was a time that she was struggling with being in a long-distance relationship with Daniel, who was working in the US while she was filming in Hong Kong.

It was then that she fell for a co-star and onscreen partner.

"We would see each other every day and I would think about him all the time, thinking about him reading the script, of him filming. I started to feel something for him. I realised I wanted to care for him and see more of him," she said.

Grace said that she told Daniel about it, believing that it would be the wise thing to do.

"He was really angry at the time... But I promised him three things, that I would not have a meal with this person alone except when we are eating together during filming, to often talk about Daniel in my conversations with him to emphasise that I have a boyfriend, and to arrange a meeting if Daniel wants to meet him," she said.

It looks like nothing bad ever occurred, as Grace is now happily married to her said boyfriend.

Although the actress never revealed the identity of the said co-star, netizens speculated that it could be either Ben Wong, Ruco Chan, or Benjamin Yuen, who have all worked with her in the past.

(Photo Source: Grace Wong Instagram)