Government encouraging filmmakers to make 'pro-establishment' films: Naseeruddin Shah

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Government encouraging filmmakers to make
Government encouraging filmmakers to make

14 Sep 2021: Government encouraging filmmakers to make 'pro-establishment' films: Naseeruddin Shah

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah is not one to mince words. Be it political ideology or film fraternity, he states his opinions unabashed. In a recent interaction with the media, the Sarfarosh actor said while he never faced discrimination because of his religion in the industry, filmmakers were being "encouraged" by the government to make "pro-establishment" films nowadays. Are we looking at another brewing storm?

Comment: Certain filmmakers are unable to hide their 'jingoistic agenda'

Speaking to NDTV, the renowned actor said today filmmakers are being "financed, also promised a clean chit" if they produced films that are "propaganda." A move that he says was also attempted in Nazi Germany, directors are being "encouraged by the government" to make films "lauding the efforts of our beloved leader." And, some of these movies have failed to hide their "jingoistic agenda."

Quote: This is why the Khans aren't vocal, according to Shah

The 71-year-old actor also gave his two cents explaining why the three Khans, along with other top-tier actors, do not speak out on political issues. "They [the Khans] are worried because of the harassment they face. They have so much to lose. It's a question of their entire establishments getting harassed." These comments came just days after his viral commentary on the Taliban.

Background: Section of Indian Muslims 'celebrating' return of Taliban is 'scary'

For the unversed, a video clip of Shah warning Muslims in India not to rejoice the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan had gone viral. "It is scary when a section of Indian Muslims are seen celebrating the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan," he had said. While certain right-wing supporters lauded his comment, the theater giant also received criticism for his comment.

Controversy: He recently earned flak over op-ed piece on Dilip Kumar

Shah said in the recent interview that "celebration" might not have been the right word to use but he was referring to those "who openly made a statement in favor of the Taliban." Earlier, the A Wednesday! star had earned flak over his op-ed piece on Dilip Kumar. Shah had upheld his comment that Kumar "didn't do enough [for the industry] apart from acting."

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