'You got punked': KFC pranks netizens with Zinger Double Down burger promotion

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
KFC pranks Singapore netizens in new Zinger Double Down burger promotion (PHOTO: Elizabeth Tong/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

A day after KFC’s announcement that it was introducing a steamed chicken version of its Zinger Double Down burger, the fast-food chain revealed on Thursday (17 August) that some Singapore netizens had fallen for their prank.

In truth, KFC is re-releasing its Zinger Double Down burger, which Singaporeans last had a taste of three years ago, along with a new Hawaiian version.

“It’s more in the name of fun. We felt that we could afford to be a bit more exciting at KFC than just doing the normal traditional releasing of a product. We wanted to add more life to the brand,” said Juliana Lim, senior director of marketing at KFC, about the prank.

The burger – which consists of a slice of cheddar cheese, crispy turkey bacon and mayonnaise sandwiched between two fried chicken fillets – was first launched in 2012. It made brief returns in 2013 and 2014.

During a media event, reporters were handed the burgers in packages labelled “Double Steamed Chicken”. Inside, however, the burgers’ wrapping featured stickers that said, “You got punked”.

The items will be available for purchase from Friday at all KFC outlets except for those at KidZania and the Singapore Zoo.

KFC revealed to the media on Thursday (18 August) the actual promotional food item, the Zinger Double Down Burger. (Photo: Elizabeth Tong/ Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Customers with more adventurous tastebuds can try the Hawaiian Double Down burger, which uses barbecue sauce instead of mayonnaise and contains a slice of pineapple. The new promotional item was announced a day after KFC’s prank post on Facebook announcing its steamed chicken version of the Double Down burger.

Called the Double Steamed Chicken, the fictitious burger would have consisted of two steamed chicken fillets, sauerkraut coleslaw, spicy pickled cucumber and a sambal honey sauce. The post gained a lot of traction of social media with over 1,000 shares and over 800 comments from Singaporeans, the majority of which were critical of “new” steamed chicken burger.

A different packaging has been designed separately for customers. (Photo: Elizabeth Tong/ Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

“When we first started with the prank, we were already mentally prepared that there would be fans who would be enraged that they did not get their (original) Double Down,” said Lim.

“Since we know that people love this product, even though we pulled a little prank on them, they will still be happy that the product they love is back,” she added.

While customers in Singapore have been saved from the Double Steamed Chicken burger, Lim also mentioned that she “wouldn’t rule the possibility out” as there is room for healthier options at KFC.

Meals for the Hawaiian Double Down and Zinger Double Down burgers are priced $8.50 and $8.20, respectively.

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