This Gorgeous Coastal City Was Just Named the Best Spot for Digital Nomads Thanks to Its Low Cost of Living

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About one-third of the American workforce now works remotely, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that number, some academics suggest, may be underselling it. That means that more and more people have the opportunity to live and work from anywhere, making the "digital nomad" lifestyle a reality. But where, exactly, should you go live out those dreams? Freaking Nomads created an index of the best cities for nomads to help you decide.

In early May, the website dedicated to digital nomads released the index that it created using nine factors, including the ease of access for remote working visas, the cost of living, rent, going out to eat, the local purchasing power, and groceries relative to New York City, along with the number of coworking spaces, and the average mobile data speed. Every city it analyzed was given a weighted score to create a total index score out of 100. After looking at all the information, the team named Hoi An, Vietnam the best place for digital nomads with a score of 73.94 out of 100.

"A hidden gem on Vietnam’s coast, Hoi An ranked third for cost of living with a score of 85.48 out of 100 and joint 34th for visa accessibility with 77.78 out of 100," the findings revealed. "As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient city is home to well-preserved old buildings, colorful lanterns, and winding streets that create a magical atmosphere. Hoi An’s quaint historic charm will appeal to digital nomads wanting to start afresh in a unique corner of the world."

Delhi, India, wasn't far behind, coming in second with a score of 73.77.

"India’s capital placed first for cost of living with 89.03 out of 100 and joint 34th for visa accessibility with 77.78," the team added. "Delhi is a dynamic melting pot of culture that has something for everyone – from its vast historic attractions, such as the majestic Red Fort, to markets offering local artisan products and diverse food from all over India."

Joining these two destinations is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in third with a score of 72.02, followed by Da Nang, Vietnam in fourth with an index score of 71.32. Mumbai, India, rounded out the top five with a score of 69.81 thanks not only to its lower cost of living but also to its cultural riches, including its "expansive beaches, bustling street markets, and delicious cuisine." But really, as a digital nomad, you don't have to choose. Instead, you can choose to live in each for as long as you want. And isn't that neat?

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