Google's Nest Aware subscription service gets a $20 price hike

The basic plan now costs $80 a year in the US.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Google Nest device owners will have to pay at least $20 more if they want access to their security cameras' and doorbells' more sophisticated features and lengthier footage history. As reported by 9to5Google, the tech giant has sent out notices to subscribers in the US, telling them that the standard Nest Aware subscription now costs $8 per month or $80 a year, up from $6 a month or $60 when paid in an annual basis.

The company started offering whole-home Nest Aware subscription plans that cover all a user's devices back in 2019. Before that, they've had to add a subscription for each of their cameras. The plan gives users access to intelligent motion detection, which can differentiate between several types of activities, dog barking alerts and person speaking alerts. It also gives them access to 30 days of video history with recorded events. Without a subscription, users can only access up to three hours of recording saved on their device.

The subscription service has a higher tier called Nest Aware Plus, which now costs $15 per month or $150 a year. That's up $3 a month from $12 and up $30 a year from $120. In addition to all the features offered by the basic plan, the Plus tier also includes access to 10 days of continuous video history and 60 days of video history with recoded events.

In a page explaining the price hikes, Google said "subscription prices can change to keep up with market shifts, which can include inflation and local tax updates." The new prices already apply to new subscribers, while old members can expect to pay more on the next bill they receive on or after November 6. Google also reportedly said in its letter that it will notify members outside the US 30 days ahead of any price increase, which means that the price hike could make its way to other territories.