Goat zodiac forecast: Beware of accidents and injuries in 2021

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Goat zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)
Goat zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)

In the year of the Golden Ox, those born in the year of the Goat need to beware of injuries, accidents and the outflow of money. Feng Shui Numerology master Xie Yuanjin said it is recommended to be careful and not impulsive in 2021. Traditionally, people go to the temple before the fifteenth of the first lunar month to light a bright lamp, praying for safety.

Good fortune in seventh month

In the monthly fortune section, those born in the year of the Goat have better fortune in the second, fourth, fifth, seventh, and tenth lunar months. The noblemen will extend help but take note of investments in the second month. Work hard in the fourth month as it is a good month, and in the fifth month, nobleman luck is strong, boosting both career and wealth luck. Due to stress from work, health problems might arise. Good fortune in the seventh month but be careful of injuries. Good wealth luck in the tenth month but investments should be made with caution.

The sixth, eighth, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth lunar months have poor luck. Xie reminds that in the sixth month, impulsive mistakes and malicious people seek to harm you. In the eighth month, stress from life and career will cause health issues. In the ninth month, be careful of injuries. Pay more attention to interpersonal and emotional relationships in the eleventh month. Partnerships might fall through, and cooperation with others will be hard to achieve in the twelfth month.

On the whole, those born in the year of the Goat need to be careful in 2021 to avoid conflicts with others, affecting their health and wealth. If you are clashing with others, it is recommended to place a copper turtle shell in your home's southwest sector to avoid disasters. In terms of wealth, you can put a cornucopia, crystal cave or six emperors money according to the nature of your work.

Analysis based on birth years

■Born in 1943, 79 years old:

The overall fortune is pretty good, but pay more attention to your surroundings when you travel.

■Born in 1955, 67 years old:

Challenging year ahead, you will feel pressured to do things, but it is challenging to have breakthroughs.

■Born in 1967, 55 years old:

Best fortune out of Goat zodiac people, both your interpersonal relationships and wealth fortune are prosperous. Seize the right opportunity, and the career is expected to rise.

■Born in 1979, 43 years old:

Loss of wealth is highly possible in 20221, and large-scale investment is not recommended.

■Born in 1991, 31 years old:

Listen more and learn to be patient. Having a high EQ can help you tide the year over smoothly.

■Born in 2003, 19 years old:

Be low-profile in what you do and be careful of accidents while on the road.

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