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Go hog wild with this viral $13 meat shredder that makes preparing pulled pork and chicken a breeze

Reviewers say it gets the job done in 'a minute or two, max' — grab it before your next barbecue.

Have we as a society determined what the official food of summer is? Many would argue ice cream, others might campaign for watermelon or corn on the cob. As delicious as those warm weather treats may be, a side dish or dessert does not a full meal make. But throw a pulled chicken or pork sandwich into the mix? Now we're talkin'! The only problem is, they're sort of a pain to make. Well, they were, until a viral gadget that takes care of the "pulling" portion for you was invented. It's called the Bomeon Meat Shredder; odd name, yes, but you'll hardly mind that once you realize how much time and effort it saves you. Plus, it's kinda fun to use — just place your meat inside, wiggle it around and ta-da! At $13, why not snag one for you and one as a Father's Day gift for your favorite king o' the cue?

This doodad will be a pig — I mean, big — help while you're prepping for all of those cookouts on your calendar. 

$13 at Amazon

If you're used to shredding chicken or pork using two forks or meat claws, consider the Bomeon Meat Shredder a meal prep upgrade. It's equipped with teeth for laying your cooked meat on, as well as a lid with two handles that you place over top and move in a shimmying motion. (Don't worry, it has a nonskid base to keep it from flying off the counter.) In mere moments, your chicken, pork, beef — practically any meat — will be shredded to perfection. Easier on the arms, and faster, to boot. Shared one reviewer, "I have carpal tunnel, so shredding meat is a challenge for me. We saw this on TV and my husband got it for me for Christmas. It worked very well with rotisserie chicken pieces." See it in action in the TikTok below.

It's also much more convenient than busting out your stand mixer, in case that's been your shredding method up until now. And at less than 10 inches in diameter, it's a lot more compact.

the meat shredder in red surrounded by various cooking ingredients on a wooden table
Hurry-up shredding: It's not just for potentially incriminating documents. When you've got this small yet mighty meat shredder, the limit does not exist. (Amazon)

TikTokers aren't the only ones who love this thing — over 1,000 Amazon customers are "pulling" for the Bomeon Meat Shredder too.

"If you’re wondering whether this is something you want or not … IT IS," declared one impressed user. "I need shredded chicken often for many of my meals and appetizers, but it always took so long to shred. This thing is amazing. Takes a minute or two, and shreds it up perfectly."

"We feed our dogs cooked chicken and this is the perfect little gadget to shred it up to add to their meals," raved a pet parent. "Although the points are a bit pointy (LOL), there are no sharp edges to actually cut the chicken or your own fingers, so this would be a great tool to have kids help with meal prep!"

"Great invention," echoed a third. "No longer will I burn my hands with hot chicken."

Speaking of hot chicken, one user had this note: "[I] tried to use it while [the] chicken was cold and it did not work, but if you use it when the chicken is hot, it works awesome! I will never hand-shred chicken again!" (In general, warm chicken is much easier to shred than cold.)

"The only complaint is the difficulty to hand wash," wrote a final reviewer. "My kitchen is archaic and I do not have a dishwasher, so I have to hand wash everything. Getting my small hands or a dishcloth between the tines is difficult — not impossible, but difficult."

When your meat's bone-off, it's time to put the Bomeon to work. 

$13 at Amazon

And when it comes to chopping veggies, check out the No. 1 bestselling Fullstar Vegetable Chopper.

The cure for pre-dinner countertop chaos. All you do is place your vegetable of choice in the chopper, press the lever down and bam! You'll have perfectly cubed produce that falls right into the attached storage container. 

"Impressive!" exclaimed a happy home cook. "It makes chopping up small veggies like baby carrots, onions and celery a breeze. I'm a senior now with arthritis, and this really helps speed things up in the kitchen while giving my achy hands and fingers a break from the rigors of manually chopping up everything."

$25 at Amazon

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