Glow sticks go missing at Jay Chou's mainland concerts

18 Nov– It was a case of "who stole the glow sticks" at Jay Chou's recent concert in Hangzhou, after a number of fans who attended the concert found that the usually prepared sticks were non-existent when they arrived at their seats for the show.

As reported on ET Today, although it was customary for organisers to prepare these colourful fluorescent sticks and assign different coloured ones in each seating columns, fans who bought tickets for the east and west side of the stadium found that the sticks had disappeared when they entered the stadium.

As a result, one can see a darkened gap in some parts of the seating columns as soon as the event started.

Following complaints made by the fans on social media, several netizens claimed to have seen several people stealing these glow sticks. One even snapped a photo of several women holding canvas bags filled with it by disguising as volunteer concert workers, supposedly in order to sell it with a higher price online.

Following the incident in Hangzhou, fans from other regions also confirmed similar situation happened in Nanjing, Changsha and Jinan.

There is no response from Jay Chou's team regarding this matter at the time of writing.

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram)