Gen Hoshino denies cheating on wife

24 May - Gen Hoshino has recently denied allegations that he is the celebrity discussed in a recent gossip piece about a cheating scandal.

On 23 May, the multi-hyphenate entertainer reposted a statement released by his agency Amuse, saying that he is not the man who cheated on big star wife with an NHK announcer.

The statement read, "It has been pointed out on the Internet that this post may be referring to Gen Hoshino, who is affiliated with our company, and we have also received many inquiries about this. However, there are absolutely no facts that this is about Gen Hoshino. There is also no fact that our company has suppressed the article."

Gen Hoshino is married to Yui Aragaki
Gen Hoshino is married to Yui Aragaki

"It is defamation and other illegal acts to point out and post false facts, whether by naming an artist affiliated with our company or not, by showing information that indicates that the artist is affiliated with our company. In addition, we are constantly preserving evidence of illegal posts, comments, direct messages, etc., as slander against artists on social media. In the case of illegal acts such as defamation, our company or the artist in question will consider taking action, including legal action. We ask everyone to be extremely careful about speculation and false posts."

Earlier, a gossip blogger released a message saying that a male singer had an affair with a married NHK female anchor on a co-programme following his flash marriage with a popular female star.

Although the source named no names, many pointed to Gen Hoshino, who is married to Yui Aragaki and has collaborated with female anchor Risa Hayashida.

(Photo Source: Gen Hoshino IG, Kyodo News)