GEM Tang elated to perform with Jolin Tsai

8 Jan – GEM Tang recently expressed elation over the chance to perform alongside Jolin Tsai at the latest show of her Ugly Beauty tour in Taiwan.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who got to perform two songs together, Jolin's "Shuo Ai Ni" and her own "Light Years Away" at the concert held at the Taipei Dome, stated that she has always wanted to perform with Jolin after seeing the latter's explosive performance at an awards ceremony a few years back.

"When I received the invitation from Jolin to sing together, I was very happy. I was looking forward to being on the same stage with her and I think fans were pleasantly surprised as well," she enthused.

As for Jolin, the pop diva admitted that she too was interested to have a duet with GEM, saying jokingly, "Such a small person, but such a big voice!"

During the concert, GEM revealed that she loved listening to Jolin's songs when she was in elementary school, and really enjoyed singing "Shuo Ai Ni".

"This song is very impressive because there were so many words in the lyrics and they were very fast. I remember how satisfied I was the first time I was able to sing the lyrics from beginning to end," she said.

To that Jolin let in on a secret, saying that she would sometimes sing the wrong lyrics because of it.

GEM also took to social media to express her happiness over the cooperation, saying, "Thank you Jolin for inviting me as a guest. I am so happy tonight. By the way, I heard everyone calling us by the tandem "ZiCai". Yes, I love to eat zicai (seaweed) too!"

(Photo Source: GEM Tang Instagram)