Gaurav H Singh to Start a Music Academy in Delhi Soon

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Music is something that we all admire and we all at some point want to sing and play some kind of instrument that gets us to a beautiful mental space, Bollywood composer and singer Gaurav H Singh recently revealed that he is setting up a music academy in Delhi that will school people in music. Speaking about this music academy the Game Over composer stated that it was always my dream to establish an academy that is totally devoted to music and the kind of academy that has faculty to produce students in music who can excel and establish their musical career with confidence.

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Gaurav said that my music academy will be fully devoted to train and produce good musicians in india, we will teach multiple instruments, Indian and western vocals, music production and audio engineering. Having worked in the film and music industry with the best singers of the industry for more than seven years i know the kind of hardwork, talent luck and professionalism it takes to make it big in the industry but we can't control luck factor so we must work hard on other departments of it. Our academy will have an annual concert which is going to be huge and our students will get the kind of exposure they need there stated the music director. Speaking further about the academy gaurav said that four times a year they will get to interact and learn from famous bollywood composers and singers which will surely boost their confidence in terms of performing live and practicing alone.

We need creative musicians and singers in our country to keep the real music alive as the music is getting boring these days owing to innumerable recreations that has got to a different level said Gaurav H Singh. The best students of our academy will be launched by us in a music video every year with a popular music label, so in totality our academy is offering all in one package. Where they get the launch and also they get the live performing opportunity. Our utmost goal is to prepare expert musicians and we will try to give them a platform from where they can build on their career, the school will be launched by december 2021 said gaurav. This music academy is for everyone who loves music and who wants to learn music irrespective of the age factor. We will also conduct exams from london and India for certification courses stated the composer. On the work front gaurav is working on multiple music videos and films lined up to release soon.

Also Read | Gaurav H Singh To Start a Music Academy in Delhi Soon

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