Garang Grill reopens at New Ubin Village in Tampines

Meat assortments. (PHOTO: Garang Grill)
Meat assortments. (PHOTO: Garang Grill)

Singapore charcoal grill brand, Garang Grill, is reopening in New Ubin Village, joining New Ubin Seafood and UbinEats at its new venue, after nearly a year since its closure.

Once promised to be a three-month pop-up restaurant in 2017, Garang Grill’s bold charcoal flavours kept the brand popular with diners. Instead of opening for only for three months, the pop-up eatery ceased operations in December 2019, nearly three years after it opened at Swan Lake Avenue.

Returning to helm Garang Grill is New Ubin Seafood’s head chef, Cole Soo, who had his start with the group with the charcoal grill brand in 2017.

Joining the move to the new venue is also a S$16,000 charcoal grill oven that is famed for its ability to deliver intense heat of primal charcoal flames in an enclosed oven, providing the right amount of char on the various meats available on the menu.

SM Pang, founder. (PHOTO: Garang Grill)
SM Pang, co-founder. (PHOTO: Garang Grill)

“Moving Garang Grill to New Ubin Village has always been the plan since we moved to Tampines. Our plans were thwarted slightly by the circuit breaker, but the move makes more sense than ever today. This allows us to consolidate our assets,” shares SM Pang, the co-founder and COO of New Ubin Seafood.

An overhaul to its menu sees Garang Grill coming up a new, condensed selection that focuses on choice cuts of meats that are promised to be cooked with the same bold flavours that diners remembered. The new coffeeshop setting at New Ubin Village is said to give it the truly Singaporean touch.

Meat assortments. (PHOTO: Garang Grill)
Meat assortments. (PHOTO: Garang Grill)

Diners can try starters such as the Chilli Crab Rillette (S$12), which reimagines New Ubin Seafood’s chilli crab sauce as a decadent spread paired with deep-fried mantous. Trading in gyoza skin for gluten-free nacho chips, the Pork Rendang Nachos (S$15) is topped with cheese mayonnaise and the brand’s signature pork rendang.

Dig into the BBQ Pork Belly (S$21), a flavourful pork belly rubbed in cajun spices and grilled to perfection, served with sweet potato mash and Garang slaw, or the Korean-style LA Galbi Beef (S$18), marinated in a sweet and savoury ganjang-based sauce and barbecued to fall-off-the-bone tenderness. You can also get other cuts of meat and dishes such as Argentinian Striploin (S$38), Crispy Pork Jowl (S$12), Classic Carbonara (S$12) and more.

Garang Grill is available for dine-in, takeaway, and island-wide delivery.