How To Future-Proof Your Finances With Nicolas Sarrut

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Tell us about your company. What services do you provide?

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My company, ADMCS, is a Swiss group that I founded in 2020 after 6 years in the making. Our mission is to solve the gigantic economic and environmental waste that plagues the $12T container logistics market. To achieve that, we are developing the world’s first end-to-end container management software and the world’s first eco-terminals.

What are you working on right now?

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Right now, we are working on DMCS Software, the next-gen Container Management System and the first end-to-end software suite that revolutionizes the container logistics chain.

This software uses blockchain, IoT, and AI technologies. It will enable real-time tracking and guarantee tremendous savings on container logistics costs. Additionally, it will significantly reduce the industry’s environmental impact. In parallel, we are moving forward with the implementation of the first eco-terminal.

Finally, with the support of local Swiss authorities, we are preparing the launch of our own regulated bank for digital assets. Additionally, we are preparing the many new business opportunities that this bank will enable within the digital asset and capital markets industries.

What is your #1 value proposition for your clients?

Our number one value proposition for our clients is to enable stakeholders across the multimodal supply chain to save 20% per container journey and provide real-time container tracking while acting eco-responsibly.

Another value proposition worth mentioning is relative to a different ecosystem: capital markets. Along with creating a crypto bank, we bring end-to-end tokenization services with the major benefit to de-risk investments thanks to an efficient secondary market.

What makes you different from the others in your industry?

Primarily, we are different from others in our industry because we are the only global and neutral player in the multimodal logistics chain. Secondly, environmental consciousness separates our approach. Our ambitions are sincere and reflected in the eco-terminals, the first eco-terminals with a positive energy balance in the world.

Furthermore, we extend our activities to banking services. We make them more efficient and cheaper for our own use, allowing for the facilitation of financing new eco-terminals. Thus, opening new business doors in the crypto and capital markets industries. We notably create digital asset marketplaces where investors can easily find investment opportunities and mitigate their risks with a secondary market.

What advice would you give people seeking to make sustainable and fruitful investments today?

I would advise anyone looking to make sustainable investments today to invest in long-term projects that are both ambitious and forward-looking. This is essential. Green projects are perfect in that respect. It is also important to choose projects with competent and expert teams, as they are the ones who will ensure its success.

The second piece of advice would be to target digital asset investments such as tokenized securities. Tokenization paves the way for a secondary market. This is a real game-changer because an efficient secondary market is the best way for investors to de-risk their investments.

What is your goal for the coming year?

The coming year will see important software development, the start of the implementation of the first eco-terminal, and the creation of our regulated Swiss bank.

In parallel, we will keep onboarding new investors to continue co-financing the bank, as well as other eco-terminals with the goal of quickly identifying new business opportunities outside of the container world.

Lastly, we plan to launch a private investment club for select investors to facilitate their access to exceptional investment opportunities through an institutional-grade digital asset marketplace.

What is your vision for the future of your industry?

We see eco-terminals becoming an industry standard in the future. The same is true for the use of our software because it solves major points in the industry. By positioning itself as a complete, yet neutral player, this software has the potential to become the most used optimization tool in the industry. Moreover, consumers and manufacturers are increasingly looking for environment-friendly solutions. Our project is perfectly suited, without compromising profitability.

As for capital markets, tokenization is going to be all over the place because it is the easiest way to de-risk investments. We are pioneers in that sector, and believe we will have a lot of activity there.

We see a very bright future for the industries we’re in – a future that is technological, ecological, and future-proof.

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