Fun facts about scents, fragrance myths and where to make unique perfumes

The sense of smell is closely tied to our memory. A particular scent, aroma or fragrance can transport us back to a moment in time, a person or a place. Did you know there’s a new attraction in Sentosa where you can customise your unique scent? Scentopia recently opened at Siloso Beach and we are beyond excited to be one of the first to check out the perfumery/museum/retail venue. Read on for Scentopia highlights!

More than just a tourist attraction, Scentopia is an innovative perfume-making bar with an augmented-reality exhibition housing more than 300 pieces of artwork. Fully digitised, the exhibits focus on Singapore’s unique floral heritage on top of being a rich source of fun facts about history, plants, animals and more. Scentopia is said to be the first to disrupt the perfumery industry with technological innovation since the 1800s.

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Have fun with the over 300 augmented-reality artwork

Step into Scentopia and you will be greeted by over 300 AR exhibits. Here are some fun facts I discovered.

Fun fact 1: The sense of smell is intertwined with the sense of taste. Try pinching your nose and eat a jelly bean or your favourite candy. Without the sense of smell, you won't be able to taste!

Fun fact 2: Dogs are known to track down lost, missing persons and even sniff out well-hidden drugs. But would you have guessed that elephants have a keener sense of smell than dogs?

Check out the exhibits to discover more interesting things you never knew about fragrances! Be prepared to spend an hour or more exploring!

Customising your scent

Pick out your fav scents at the perfume bar. PHOTO: Scentopia
Pick out your fav scents at the perfume bar. PHOTO: Scentopia

Of course, the highlight of Scentopia is creating customised scents. Curious about the process of creating your very own scent? Here's how the customisation process went.

Step 1: You will be given a list of questions to determine your lifestyle preferences. It helps narrow down your scent preferences, be it floral, woody, earthy or fresh. Then, tally up the points system (it is similar to the personality quizzes we loved growing up) and move on to the next station.

Step 2: And now, the fun begins! With a basket in hand, head to the perfume bar where the floral, woody, earthy or fresh sections are. Time to get your olfactory senses working. Faced with hundreds of perfume wands, where and how do you start? Armed with the aforementioned quiz results, you will know the recommended number of vials to pick in each note sections which are clearly segregated by colours. Should you be unsure during the selection process, feel free to reach out to the staff at hand.

Step 3: All set? Hand over your basket of selection of around 10 scents to the friendly staff. They will provide a sample of your selection. Don't just smell the scent but make sure to apply it to your skin. Pro-tip: Head out of the air-conditioned venue to uncover your customised fragrance.

Perfume wands. PHOTO: Scentopia
Perfume wands. PHOTO: Scentopia

Many mistake testing fragrances only in air-conditioned malls without testing them in the humid conditions we inevitably live and move around in. Remember to leave the perfume on for a few more minutes before sniffing it again. I was reminded to do so before bottling my very own scent. And boy, the initial scent (top notes) I smelt was vastly different as I left the scent on and walked out into the open air after a few minutes. The scent you have after a short spell will be the one you have customised.

Also, due to the humid weather in Singapore, avoid spritzing your perfume on your pulse notes as the heat on your pulse will alter its original scent. Instead, try spritzing on your clothes but not your hair. The content in the perfume will only dry out your glorious mane!

Thanks to the helpful staff at Scentopia I debunked a couple of myths surrounding perfumes.

Scentopia is for all ages

Kids love the AR exhibits. PHOTO: Scentopia
Kids love the AR exhibits. PHOTO: Scentopia

The perfume-making process was straightforward and interesting. After the session, I felt like I understood myself better, especially my perfume note preferences. It was also an intriguing experience trying out hundreds of scents at one go. With over 3.4 trillion combinations available, you can mix and match to create your very own fragrance, and bring home your own creation in a hand-crafted crystal bottle. Beyond that, you can also curate your own signature scent as room fragrances, reed diffusers, bath oils, and scented candles too!

If you think this is a place for adults only, think again. The over 300 AR-enabled exhibits are enough to engage the young and old(er). Perfume making is not just a great dating venue, a fun day out with your besties; it is also a great learning experience for the younger crowd. With the upcoming special occasions, consider surprising your parents for the upcoming Mother's Day and Father's Day and gift them their preferred scent.

Pre-made scents are also available at Scentopia. Best of all, all scents are made with alcohol-free ingredients which are MUIS-approved. Plus, bring home your scents in sustainable material packaging.

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