Fullybooked — Under $10 local mains at aesthetic cafe in Potong Pasir

As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. This rule of thumb rings particularly true for the case of Fullybooked, in the coolest way possible.

Fullybooked is an industrial-chic cafe nestled in the humble ‘hood of Potong Pasir. Don’t be fooled, though — it isn’t your average brunch spot or coffee joint, and neither is it a book cafe of sorts (as the name may suggest). Instead, they specialise in what you’d least expect them to — local fare.

Fullybooked - Storefront

Fullybooked opened its doors at 45 Tai Thong Crescent in Feb 2024. Though there wasn’t much fanfare then, the cosy cafe has nonetheless become a well-loved fixture within the neighbourhood and beyond.

Trust me, it’ll be hard to believe that this cafe is all about kopitiam-style local fare. Especially not after you lay eyes on its decor.

Fullybooked - Interior

See what I mean? The cafe takes on a fashionable minimalist aesthetic with concrete walls, floors and even its counters and tables decked out in calming tones of grey, alongside potted plants that add a dash of colour.

With a seating capacity of 60 and an ambience that exudes zen, it’s the perfect place for you to jio your friends to lim kopi on a lazy afternoon. It could easily pass off as a cafe straight from the hip streets of Seoul, too.

Fullybooked - Kaya Toast & Coffee

Fullybooked’s menu consists of a variety of local staples that can cover a full day of eating.

For breakfast, expect to find Singaporeans’ favourite, Kaya Toast (S$2.60). Sandwiched between the slices of toast are thick slabs of cold butter and silky kaya, an irresistible combination. Of course, you can pair your toast with some Traditional kampong soft boiled eggs served with Hot coffee/tea for just an additional S$3.30.

Fullybooked - Local Dishes (Nasi Lemak, Curry Chee Cheong Fan)

For hearty lunches and dinners, Fullybooked also offers several local mains like Nasi Lemak w/Lemongrass Chicken Wing (S$8.60)Mee Siam (S$7.60) and even Curry Chee Cheong Fun (S$8.60).

Finally, wash it all down with your favourite kopitiam beverages, such as Kopi (S$1.90 Hot, S$3.80 Cold)Teh (S$1.90/S$3.80) and Milo (S$2.30/S$4). There’s an interesting Kopi Float (S$6) as well, which sees your kopi paired with coconut ice cream.

So, if you ever want to tuck into some local fare in the comfort of a cool cafe, Fullybooked is your answer.

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