Fufupot: Hot pot restaurant with Singapore’s first stinky tofu soup launches its ramen series

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Our city’s obsession with the hot pot culture is an obvious one. It can be a way to  bond with old buddies and make new ones. But sometimes you just want to enjoy steaming, tasty food all by yourself. That’s the unique concept behind Fufupot, which offers individual pots in Asian-inspired flavours for you to relish on your own. Now, their Fu-Ramen Series awaits you!

Fufupot - ramen

Fufupot describes itself as a restaurant providing a new way of enjoying bubbling boilers. Haven’t we all been in the situation where your preferred broth flavour differs from that of your friend’s? This is where Fufupot’s single pots come to the rescue. If you head down to Plaza Singapura at Orchard, you get to slurp delicious ramen the hot pot way!

Fufupot - hotpot ramen

The Fu-Ramen Series has been introduced with four aromatic broths. These are Mushroom, Tonkotsu, Budae Jjigae and Beauty Collagen (Prices TBA). My favourite part? They all come with a fixed set of meat and veggies that’s already been chosen to suit each broth the best. So, if you’re lazy like I am, you’ll like having the choice made for you already. 

What can you look forward to eating the ramen with? In the vegetarian-friendly Mushroom broth, a few of the ingredients include cherry tomatoes, broccoli, enoki and shimeji mushrooms, and fried bean curd skin. The Beauty Collagen broth has my interest piqued with its tiger prawns, silken tofu, fish roe ball, scallops, and a whole lot more. Safe to say they’re generous with the toppings. 

Fufupot - different broths

If you’re interested in checking out the other hotpot flavours, they’re divided between Slurp Heroes and Bubbly Classics. Under Slurp Heroes, they have their famous Stinky Tofu (S$21.90) flavour. The broth comes with Angus beef shabu shabu, pork balls, shrimp balls, and of course some stinky tofu with so much more.

Fufupot is also the first in the city to offer a Stinky Tofu soup pot, so you can’t miss out on this one. The Bubbly Classics category has the crowd favourite, Sichuan Mala (S$14.90) to fulfil your spice cravings.

The Fu-Ramen series is available on weekdays from 11am to 5pm. I say it’s time to take yourself out on a ramen date!

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