Four of the "5 Fresh Tigers" reunite for a photo op

7 Mar – Louis Koo, Leo Ku, Hawick Lau, Carlo Ng, and Ho Yuen Hang - they were known as the 5 Fresh Tigers in the past - representing the five most popular young male actors of the '90s.

They had since gone on their separate ways, only to reunite again recently in a photo published by Louis.

On 27 February, the actor shared a photo on Facebook of him with his fellow tigers, sans Ho, and wrote, "There were five tigers in the past, now four tigers are reunited after 24 years. The Year of the Dog is a really good year."

Leo later shared the same photo, and wrote, "Four tigers, 24 years later. Calling Ho Yuen Hang!"

The five tigers have developed well over the years. Hawick Lau now focuses on his career in mainland China and married Chinese actress Yang Mi, Carlo is still filming dramas and hosting shows, while Leo is actively involved in music and managing businesses.

Meanwhile, the biggest star of them all is indeed Louis Koo, who not only stars in and produces movies, but has also been nominated Best Actor again this year at the Hong Kong Film Awards. The actor was also appointed President of the Hong Kong Performing Arts Guild earlier this year.

On the other hand, another member of the group - Ho Yuen Hang, is no longer active in showbiz. The last piece of news about the actor was about his relationship with actress Rain Lee.

The Fresh Five Tigers was the name given to the top Hong Kong television stars of the '90s, not to be mistaken with the Five Tiger Generals of TVB, which consists of Andy Lau, Kent Tong, Felix Wong, Michael Miu, and Tony Leung.

(Photo source: Leo Ku Instagram)