"The Forgotten Valley" discusses gender equality

19 Jan – TVB producer Andy Chan believes that his new drama, "The Forgotten Valley" will bring something new to the table, as it matches the tone of the world's current situation.

According to Epoch Times, the producer, who appeared at the promotional event of the said drama recently, shared that the drama - which revolves around a group of women who work together to fight for their rights - discusses the subject of respect and inclusivity, which is the key to today's issues.

"For the last three to four months, we see a lot of news about sexual assault against women. We would like to use this drama to discuss the subject. Hopefully the audience will learn from the tragic experiences of these women," he said.

Andy stated his belief that a relationship between men and women, even between anyone should be based on respect.

"Everybody has their own strength and weakness, but everybody wants to be inclusive. We should change the course towards the right direction," he added.

The upcoming drama co-stars Louisa So, Grace Chan, Rebecca Zhu, Katy Kung, and Lau Kong.

(Photo Source: Grace Chan Instagram)