Forget Coastal Grandma, This Is the Summer of Coastal French Girl

Move over Hamptons, it's St. Barths's time to shine.

<p>Courtesy of Tessa Petak/ Getty Images/ Apple TV/ InStyle</p>

Courtesy of Tessa Petak/ Getty Images/ Apple TV/ InStyle

As temperatures begin to rise, it seems like every person on your Instagram feed suddenly becomes a travel influencer. Soon enough, their picturesque European vacation becomes their entire personality and they adopt European ideals, from mid-day cappuccinos to Frenchified fashion. There’s no need to have FOMO over their new je ne sais quoi lifestyle, though. You, too, can look as if you’ve been drinking wine in the French countryside without having to get on a plane. And who doesn’t adore that?

From the 2024 Paris Olympics to the return of Emily in Paris in August, there’s going to be plenty of très chic inspiration to go around. It’s also no secret that the French girl aesthetic has made a comeback in recent years with the resurgence of baby bangs, ballet flats, and Breton stripes. Combine that with a Nancy Meyers-esque penchant for creating coastal layered looks and a chunky cardigan, and voilá, you have Coastal French Girl.



Where does the seaside Francophile core originate, you may ask? Well, the aforementioned pop culture moments will certainly impact fashion, but if you’re looking to conduct more thorough research (and add another stamp to your passport), Saint Barthelemy—more commonly referred to as St. Barths—is the epicenter of the coastal French girl aesthestic.

The French collectivity is a Caribbean island that is a part of the French West Indies, where coastal French girl isn't just a look but a way of life, from the rich French-Island-fusion cuisine and luxury shopping in Gustavia to the nightlife, carefree lifestyle, and abundance of pharmacies on every corner.

Celebrity-approved shoe brand Larroudé is capitalizing on the island’s chic tendencies and the world’s adoration for French girl fashion by partnering with the Rosewood Le Guanahani in St. Barths to create a one-of-kind collection of shoes exclusively sold at the property’s boutique. Seated on over 18 sprawling waterfront acres, the resort—made up of multicolored ocean-view villas—is a tropical oasis in the middle of an island dripping with European influence. The Larroudé x Rosewood line incorporates key details from the hotel’s architecture and design down to the lilac and teal-hued rooms.



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“The colors of the Rosewood inspired us to choose turquoise, lilac, and white for our sandals,” founder and creative director Marina Larroudé told InStyle. “The gold hardware and sea motifs bring the island's glamour to these laid-back styles.”

As the dedicated journalist that I am, I took a trip down south to the white-sand shores of St. Barths to explore my fashion theory. I was lucky enough to experience Rosewood's amenities and see first-hand how the resort-inspired Larroudé’s designs, in addition to taking in the sights, sounds, and style of the French-speaking island. Once there, I also realized just how much the colony’s culture has impacted the trends and fads of our society. Think rich divorcée, sequin-dress-wearing party girl, and coastal grandma all wrapped up into one, and they're all trends we've been talking about for years. And that makes it even easier to embrace the beachy take on the world's appreciation for French culture.

Larroudé agrees and says that even when she’s not on island time, she brings the vibe back to her life in New York City (with the help of her brand’s shoes, naturally).

<p>Courtesy of Tessa Petak</p>

Courtesy of Tessa Petak

“I adore the glamorous yet effortless aspect of St. Barths' style. The island’s flair for combining upscale dressing with relaxed, beachy vibes has inspired my approach to dressing,” she adds. “You can find me wearing caftans in New York during the summer. I just love colorful clothing and the bohemian art of dressing.”

You don’t have to renew your passport or take a tiny 8-seater airplane to adopt the style and state of mind, however. Like Larroudé says, the aesthetic can easily be added into your summer uniform. A vibrant billowing prairie dress paired with ballet flats is breezy enough to withstand the nearly-unbearable NYC heat on the way to lunch. Pair some cork wedges with a feminine ruffled mini. Or perhaps, style a peasant skirt with some mesh ballet flats.



At the end of the day, it’s all your mindset and doing as the French do. Or you can pay homage to the island with a pair of French girl-approved sandals or wedges from the Larroudé x Rosewood collection, available to shop on

Bon voyage!

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