Food truck, Ye Olde Cow, sells premium-quality beef burgers at One North

We don’t really come across food trucks in Singapore, so when Ye Olde Cow came to my attention, I was pretty intrigued and impressed.

Ye Olde Cow 1

This rare sight can be seen parked at lyf one-north, from Tuesdays to Thursdays. Just 2 minutes away from One North MRT, Ye Olde Cow is iconically identifiable by its bright orange truck. Unless they’re out for events, you’ll be able to attain a good ol’ burger if your office is around the area.

The business idea sparked between 2 friends, and they decided to embark on this because they wanted to create a community that is so fondly loved, especially overseas. The concept that originated from New York City got popularised because of its convenience and quality, and they wanted to bring it into Singapore. Clearly, there’s a lack of food trucks in Singapore, because the only one that comes to my mind is The Goodburger which is at Coronation Plaza.

Ye Olde Cow 2

They have 4 burgers available: the OG (S$10.90), Classic (S$11.90), Traditional (S$11.90), and Grilled-Cheese Burger (S$9.90). All meat variations include the same premium dry-aged Black Angus beef patty, making it extra juicy and flavourful.

It’s rumoured that food trucks overseas offer one of the best foods, and Ye Olde Cow comes close in offering an incredible version.

Ye Olde Cow 3

Burgers don’t usually fill me up. Luckily for us, you can add another mouth-watering patty for an additional S$5. If not, you can order a set meal for S$7, which includes a choice of a burger, side and drink. The sides vary from Ye Olde Salad (S$4.90), Plain Fries (S$4.90) and Ye Ole Cheese Fries (S$7.90). I’d personally go for the cheese fries because they have additional beef crumbs on top. I mean, you can never have enough beef, right?

With the scarcity of food trucks in Singapore, I hope we are more appreciative and adventurous in trying new things. We’ll never know till we try it!

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