FOOD REVIEW: Meat-Free Brand TiNDLE Tastes Like The Future

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You may have tried, or at least heard of meat alternatives such as mock meats that are available in local vegetarian stalls or meat that taste like beef but isn't beef. Now, making its global debut in Singapore is TiNDLE, the chicken-tasting meat that is not made from chicken.

Instead, the plant-based meat is made with nine ingredients from non-GMO origins, and does not contain any cholesterol, sugar, trans-fat, antibiotics and hormones. It's also reported that production of this particular meat uses 74% less land, 82% less water and produces 88% less greenhouse gases compared to traditional chicken farming methods. For every 100g, the meat contains 17g of protein. On paper, it sounds very promising.

TiNDLE's strategy is brilliant. Instead of hitting the masses directly, TiNDLE is working with chefs from 11 celebrated restaurant brands which have onboarded TiNDLE onto their menu. That means vegans and vegetarians are going to have even more yummy options when they dine out. And if the taste-test checks out with people, who knows, it could even be available in supermarkets in the future.

To put the meat to the test, we head over to Three Buns at Quayside for a guilt-free media tasting.


TiNDLE passed the taste test and we've got the future generation to think about. If anything, the meat taste like the future. 404 Error: Excuses Not Found.