Five things to watch this June – from 'The Idol' to the return of 'And Just Like That'

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the idol
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This month marks the beginning of what might well be called a Hot TV Summer. With outgoing heavyweights like Mrs Maisel and Succession drawing to a close as June begins, it is time to make way for some explosive new shows.

Chief among them is the much-hyped (and very delayed) The Idol; Sam Levinson’s first show after creating Euphoria, starring Lily Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye (otherwise known as The Weeknd), which had its debut at Cannes in May and is finally ready to be streamed. There is also the all-star Poker Face – the first series created by Knives Out director Rian Johnson, who has forged another riveting ‘murder of the week’ mystery, this time with Natasha Lyonne at the helm. Plus, there is the final season of Mindy Kaling’s beloved teen show Never Have I Ever, the second season of Sex and the City’s spin-off, And Just Like That, and the long-awaited return of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

and just like that

And Just Like That

And just like that… the loved, loathed and most talked-about show of 2021 is back with a high-heeled vengeance. The continuation of the Sex and the City journey gave us many a controversial plot point, some shocking twists (and plummeting Peloton shares) and new characters to dissect, adore and contest, as well as the noticeable absence of a core member of the central quartet. Now, season two is upon us, and, thanks to a drip-feed of sneak peeks on social media, we are already breathlessly awaiting the return of Aidan and the answer to whether or not Miranda will ‘need me some Che’ any more. Grab your Manolos – we’ll see you at brunch.

And Just Like That is streaming on NowTV from 22 June.

black mirror

Black Mirror

The award-winning show which imagines the sinister reality of a dystopian future, is finally back after a hiatus of three years. Charlie Brooker’s gamechanging sci-fi anthology series is once again packed with twisted, haunting and disturbing narratives – both interlocked and disparate – and, in its sixth season, with a groaning cast of talent, from Salma Hayek and Paapa Essiedu to Annie Murphy and Zazie Beetz. Stay tuned… if you dare.

Black Mirror Season Six is streaming on Netflix in June.

The Idol

We initially heralded the arrival of the creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson’s cryptic new show last summer, before it was mysteriously – and somewhat controversially- delayed. Now, the mega-bucks show, laden with famous faces from Dan Levy to Hari Nef and a starring role for Lily Rose Depp, has made its grand debut at Cannes, and will be finally landing on our small screens this month. Charting the rise and exploitation of one young female pop star (Depp) and her turbulent relationship with an enigmatic guru figure (Abel ‘The Weekend’ Tesfaye) it has already courted scandal, debate and awe – exactly, one may assume – as it always intended to. Tune in on 4 June to see what all the fuss has been about.

The Idol is streaming on NowTV from 4 June.

never have i ever l to r lee rodriguez as fabiola torres, maitreyi ramakrishnan as devi, ramona young as eleanor wong in episode 401 of never have i ever cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

Never Have I Ever

Ever since its debut in 2020, Mindy Kaling’s charming, warm-hearted high-school comedy has endeared itself to legions of fans old and new, by somehow breathing new life into the well-trodden genre. It has made a star of its leading lady, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, whose grieving, horny, smart and haphazard Devi now reaches the zenith of her high-school career in Never Have I Ever’s final season. With love triangles still… triangling… and graduation looming; it is a joyous and witty conclusion to a bold and beloved show that is inexplicably still narrated by John McEnroe.

Never Have I Ever Season Four is streaming on Netflix from 8 June.

poker face
Courtesy NowTV

Poker Face

Rian Johnson brought the traditional murder mystery back into the zeitgeist when he made Knives Out in 2019. The follow up, Glass Onion, proved even more successful. It is little wonder, then, that he has turned his flair for a good-old whodunnit to the small screen. Poker Face stars Natasha Lyonne (of Russian Doll fame) as a woman with an uncanny ability to tell when someone is lying; leading her on a madcap road trip across the country featuring murders to solve and some stellar guest star cameos from Adrien Brody to Chloë Sevigny and Jameela Jamil.

Poker Face is streaming on NowTv now.

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