Fishing for wild garoupa in Singaporean waters

Bob's Gastronomical Trail takes us to the waters south of Singapore with the help of Captain Ron of Reelx Fishing for a DIY sea to table experience.

In this episode, we experience the joy of fishing and making a meal out of your catch with Lazarus island in the background. It definitely cannot get any fresher than this.

Reel-X Sea Adventures

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Video transcript

- Hey, guys. Welcome back to "Bob's Gastronomical Trail." Right now, I'm at Captain Ron's boat at the southern tip of Singapore-- Sentosa Cove. We're gonna go out at sea and catch us some fish, and we're gonna cook it right on deck.

Let's go, baby. Captain Ron! Let's go!


- So now the captain told you, OK, reach the spot lines down so you can chill and relax. Make sure the boat really stabilized. Then, you put your bit down. If not, and the boat's still moving, you put your bit down, your line will go very far away, so no point.

Then, you got to repeat well. There you go. Then, we can chill. [INAUDIBLE], bro. Let's try it.

- So that's good about fishing, I guess. It's that you get away from civilization, and you get some vitamin C, FDA, and just relax, babe. Just relax. Let go. Let it go.

Why you choose this kind of life, as being a boat captain?

- You see, when I go to my workplace, this is my workplace. We got traffic jam, bro. Alarm!


I got traffic jam, my workplace.

- Oh, your office good, huh?

- Ah, see-- my pantry window, my pantry view is like this.


They want my pantry view. Very nice.

- So when is the best time of the day to fish?

- Day break or that. Maybe they just woke up. We hungry. You wake up every morning, be hungry. You look for breakfast. Same. That's my theory that I may be wrong.

Heffer. Hef, hef, hef, hef. Heffer.

- Heavier.

- Heavy. Wait, wait, wait.




- Big game!


- All right, congratulations.

- Fish.

- 10 minutes or not?

- 10 minutes!

- Ah, it's 10 minutes!


All right!

- Big game offshore. Dude, this is huge, huh?

So this is my iPhone, and this is the fish, so you can see how big the fish is.

[INAUDIBLE]. OK. Relax, everybody. Now we're going to cook some fresh garoupa for you guys, OK? Let's go.